Rumors about Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat are taking rounds of the internet since last year. While some predicted that its release in the late December 2018, there were no official updates about the product from Apple. However, the long-delayed product might be in production finally as per the latest reports. A tweet from ChargerLAB quoted MacRumors that a “credible source” from the iPhone manufacturer revealed the manufacturing for the much-awaited wireless charging mat is finally on-road.

The History of Apple AirPower

 Apple AirPower Reportedly Finally Goes Under Production

If we believe the rumors, the product that has been highly in-demand could reach the customers before people know since Apple has not been so busy lately in anything else than new iPhones. Back in September 2017, Apple, for the first time revealed that Apple was coming with wireless charging in iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Back then the company gave a preview of a charging mat that would not only charge the new iPhones but will also refill the Apple Watches and AirPods.

At that point in time, Apple kept silence on the price of the device but said that buyers can expect the product to be released in 2018.

2018 is a wrap and we still only have rumors about the device. Supposed to be shipped worldwide in March 2018, all the major dates came and went past us without any news about the device. Moreover, the iPad manufacturer avoided any official announcement about the device last year.

In June 2018, rumors came that the company was having numerous technical issues with the device that delayed its release. The issue reported by some leaks was overheating when three or more devices were charged at once due to the complex structure of the charging mat.

Recently, more analysts opened about the wireless charging mat, quoting that Apple was hoping to release the device in late 2018 or early 2019 after clearing all the bugs. Some rumors also suggested that Apple was waiting on the update before the AirPower release.

Some other news came that some new models of AirPods will make their way to the Apple tech world in 2019 due to which AirPower is delayed. Now the latest news that has surfaced the internet through a tweet is that Apple has erased all the technical challenges and the device will soon land in the tech market.

The Tweet About Apple AirPower

If ChargerLAB is true then Apple users might be in for a new year present from the company. In the tweet, ChargerLAB said that devices are manufactured by the same company Luxshare Precision that makes Apple’s AirPods as well as some cords. Let’s see what’s really the story and if Apple comes with an official announcement in the upcoming days or not.