Android Q 10: Rumors, New Features, Release Date, and Rumored Name

We are still waiting for Android 9 Pie to fully roll out in the smartphone market but Google is already cooking the new sweet dish in the HQs. Yes, we are talking about the Android Q and the major changes it is going to bring with it. We know it’s a bit too early to talk about Android 10 but with the number of leaks going around, we thought to inform you about a few things.

The list of questions about the 10th installment of the most used mobile operating system goes big. People want to know when it will release. What sweet dish name will be picked up for the next version? And most importantly, what new features will Google present on the completion of a decade.

Android Q 10: Rumors, New Features, Release Date, and Rumored Name

So let’s start with what are we calling it? People have already thrown tons of suggestions on the internet. And Google had the option to pick anything. Here we have the list of top desserts starting from the letter Q, that might be Google’s pick for the Android Q.

  • Quindim
  • Quesito (ke-see-toe)
  • Quiche
  • Quince (kwins)
  • Qottab (Ghottab)
  • Queen of Puddings
  • Quarabiya (Kurabiye)
  • Queijadas

All these are less like names and more like tongue twisters but these are the best suggestions that have rolled out on the internet until now and if we have to pick, Quince might be the next Android version since it’s easier to pronounce among all these names.

But, there are rumors taking rounds that Google might not pick a dessert name at all this time, looking at its scarcity of perfect names.

Android 10 Release Date: When is it coming?

From the past couple of years, Google has been consistent with its release dates. So we hope to see no changes for Android 10 unless there is some reason.

Google rolls out the first developer preview somewhere in March. And then at I/O, Google traditionally releases another developer copy with information on new changes and new features. Then the final copy or we can say, the freshly baked Android sweet dish is presented to us in the first week of August.

There is not a single official hint about the release date from Google about the next Android version yet. However, since KitKat, the release trend is almost similar and if it remains the same, we might get Android Q before August 6.

Top Android 10 Q Features: What to expect?

Android Q 10: Rumors, New Features, Release Date, and Rumored Name

Rumors about the upcoming features of Android Q are already surfacing internet and the latest information came from a reputable source XDA Developers who managed to get hands on an early build of the Android 10 with security patches of February 2019. However, it’s pretty much confirmed that it is not the developer preview Google will launch in a few months.

With that being on the line, here are some of the features that you might see on the new Android Q:

1. Dark Mode

Yes, guys. A system-wide dark mode is waiting for you all in the next upgrade. This update is almost certain because we have the glimpse of the dark mode in Android Pie. But the inconsistency of dark mode in Pie will be covered in Android Q with dark mode support on all screens and all apps. Doing so might take time and break some apps, but who don’t like the black?

2. Desktop Mode

Android 10 can also be the beginning of Desktop mode in Android devices. We are talking about the PC-like full-screen apps on the likes of Huawei’s Projection Mode and Samsung Dex. We don’t deny the convenience and power a smartphone offers us but sometimes, a PC is required to get things done faster.

3. Better Privacy

Android Pie saw a number of privacy features and Google is planning to take them a level up with Android Q. Now you will be choosing whether an app can access your data while running in the background or not.

Also, while an app will use your microphone or camera, or location, an icon will be displayed in the notification tray to let you know that a particular sensor is ON.

According to the leaked Android 10 build, there’s a dedicated Privacy Page available in the Settings menu.

4. Turn off every sensor

The new leaked build included “Sensors Off” button that puts the device in Airplane mode by turning off all the sensors. We think that just like the lockdown mode of Android Pie, this will be Android 10’s super lockdown mode to turn off all the sensors of the device including Accelerometer and Gyroscope that are not visible to naked eyes.

5. Screen Recorder built-in

A number of skins from different companies already offer the screen recording function to its users on every handset. And this is common since the time of Lollipop. However, Google now might be eyeing to make it a stock Android feature from Android Q just like the iOS. The leaked build from XDA Developers has an incomplete screen recording tool that can be activated by long pressing the screenshot button in the Power Menu.

6. Android Beam removed

One thing to note down was the absence of Android Beam. The file sharing system built for Android devices is missing and since the feature is already lame, I don’t think it will bother anyone.

But that does mean one thing that Google is working on some new file sharing feature for the upcoming Android similar to AirDrop of iOS and Nearby Sharing of Windows 10. Moreover, the new feature might also get a place on Chromebook.

7. Facial Recognition

Is there an in-house facial recognition feature coming in Android 10? The XDA team found few strings attaching to this feature. It means that Apple’s FaceID like thing might be coming in Android with support straight from Google.

Moreover, this might be an addition to the app and payment authentication. The facial recognition will be an addition to the already secure digital payment gateways.

8. Downgrading app updates

This often happens that you update an app and immediately regret your action due to glitches and non-functionality of the upgraded version. Well, according to the rumors, Android Q might be bringing you the ability to roll back the apps. The leaked build included many permissions and command lines suggesting that users will be able to roll back to previous versions of the apps in case they didn’t like the new one- something that can be very helpful.

9. New fonts, icon shape, and accent colors

Android 9 Pie came with the ability to change the background theme. And with Android 10 Q, this game can go to a level up with more customization options. There are two new fonts already shown in the leaked build. Moreover, there are new icon shapes including Square, Teardrop, Squircle along with new accent colors including green, black, and blue.

The Bigger Concerns

The bigger question remains which device will receive Android 10. Obviously, the Pixel series will be the first to get the upgrade. However, the original Pixel phones will not have any upgrade since their upgrade period ended in October 2018.

Last year saw many non-Google devices getting Android Pie Preview builds due to the Project Treble. This year, there is no list of devices that will have hands on the preview builds of Android Q. However, this time we can expect a number of non-Google Android smartphones to get Android 10 preview builds.

How to Get Preview Build of Android 10 Q

Any user who wants to test the latest OS can test it pretty soon. Google is about to launch the Generic System Image or GSI for the upcoming Android Q. This will be a non-customized, Android Q ROM that will not have any third party customization or even the Pixel launcher for that matter. First, your device should support Project Treble, and the second bootloader should be unlocked and there should be verified boot disabled. Fulfill these conditions, and you will be able to run GSI ROM.

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