Android 9/Android Pie

Android, the neck-less robot of Google has gone places. This mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices started in 2005 is already on its 9th major update and 16th version of the Android operating system and we can’t be happier. Like any other thing, Android hasn’t stopped surprising us with its new updates and I’m sure this one too will blow our minds off.

Android 9/Android Pie

Android pie also called Android P was first announced on March 7th by Google and the preview was released on the same day. Later the beta quality preview was released on the 8th of May. Consecutive previews were released on 6th June and 2nd July of the same year after which the final beta was released on July 25. Followed by the official final release on the 6th of August 2018 as Android 9 pie. The lite version of it, as mentioned by Google, can be expected in autumn.

If you believe this hype and speculation is for nothing you cannot be a more wrong buddy. Android Pie had various updates be it related to user experience or API, security and even internationalization. They have added odia and Assamese as natively supported languages. In API the newer thing is multi-camera access, camera intrinsic calibration, WiFi-RTT for indoor positioning, new image and video encoder and decodes, AptX Adaptive compression algorithm. Security updates include lockdown mode that disables biometric authentication once activated.

User experience is a completely different ball game altogether. It has manual theme selection, a shush feature that puts your phone on do not disturb mode if it’s placed face down, a rotation lock for all those times we just can’t get it right, a digital well being feature for all those who love to stare at their own picture which discourages excessive usage of your phone, HEIF support, a new gesture-based system interface similar to the one found in iPhone X. New transitions are also in place for switching between apps and it doesn’t end here there is much more to it.

This Android version has also been received as the new artificial intelligence powered OS. That’s because this update majorly focuses on an artificial intelligence, which will allow the system to learn from the user and customize the Android experience. It has promised that the phone would become more and more tailored and customized to the users’ behavior and usage. In an official statement, Google said “we’ve built Android 9 to learn from you – and work better for you – the more you use it”

There you have it day by day we put a steady step into the future but this search engine giant is all in to take a long leap and make us leap with it too.