Google has recently launched an updated version of its Android GO edition. Android GO edition is basically a mobile operating system for all the entry-level phones which is based on recently launched Android 10. Christened Android 10 which is also known as GO edition is officially claimed for offering a faster as well as multitasking performance experience which will immensely help all the Android users in getting as well as enjoying more faster as well as reliable service. Not only will the smartphone software help the phones run faster than ever before but it will also be adding more security, as claimed by company officials. They mentioned that they have worked on the security aspects in such a way so that the performance of the device does not get affected. There is also a report that the low-end Android phones will be experiencing the service of Android 10 GO later this year.

The Google mentioned in a statement that, “With Android 10 (GO edition), we have made Android faster and more secure. First, this new release helps you switch between apps faster and in a memory-efficient way.”

The Direct of Product Management (Android) at Google, Sagar Kamdar, mentioned in a blog post that Android 10 (GO edition) is to improve the experience for the low-end phone users. They have also claimed to be faster as compared to its previously launched Android version which is known as Android Pie which will let the users switch between apps at a faster pace as well as in a well defined memory-efficient way. Meanwhile, Google also officially claimed that this Android version (Android 10 G0 edition) has been developed aiming to offer the app launch speed of 10 per cent faster.

Google also mentioned, ” underpins our digital security, as it protects your data even if your device falls into the wrong hands. That’s why Android 10 (Go edition) includes a new form of encryption, built by Google for entry-level smartphones, called ‘Adiantum.”

Now, what is Adiantum? Well, Adiantum is specifically developed which will help in running efficiently without any kind of specialized hardware. This means that all the Android 10 (GO edition) users will be having the same level of data security like any Android device without any kind of compromise if the performance is concerned.

This will ultimately help in making the next generation of devices more secure as compared to its previous versions which will allow the billions of people to come online for the very first time and operate the internet safely which is the best part so far.

Not only this but Google has also officially announced about some of the unique features of Android Go edition as well as which we will be discussing later on.

Why Google as build another Android Version when there are lots of Android versions already?

When we talk about some developing countries such as Brazil as well as India, the infrastructure of the smartphone is one of the biggest barriers to adopt online services. Do you know more than 100 million people in India use Android phones which is more than in the United States? But the main problem with this country is that the people of India suffer from spotty as well as expensive networks which become very difficult for them to access the internet reliably. By keeping in mind this problem of the people Google has finally decided to launch Android Go.

Android Go has been developed for the slower as well as low memory devices which have been claimed by Google. The Android 10 GO edition has been designed for Android smartphones which have 1.5 GB of RAM or even less than that. Not only this but they have also exposed device-level connectivity settings to internet users.

Performance boosts

Android 10 Go edition is basically an offshoot of Android which is specifically designed to operate on budget phones with low RAM.

“The one-size-fits-all Android platform wasn’t scalable as [smartphones] were getting more and more advanced on the CPU side and RAM,” Sagar Kamdar said. He further mentioned, “We had to figure out how to tailor the experiences depending on the hardware configuration.” Sagar Kamdar said.

Having said that the users will be getting many features which are quite similar like traditional Android. But the only difference here is that the Operating System is optimized to run with less memory.

The apps are already pre-installed, particularly the Google apps but they will be installed in lite versions which means they are not data-hungry.

GO and lite apps

To optimize the operating system is not the only things which they need to do for the Android, but they also had to develop more efficient which we call as lite apps. This is the crucial part. This is the reason Google has already launched various lite apps which include Google Maps Go as well as Assistant Go. These apps take 10 times less storage on your device. Having said that just because they are lite apps does not mean that they are lacking in some features which the original apps have.

Not only this but there are various other companies which have also designed lite versions of their flagship apps such as Facebook Lite as well as Messenger Lite. There are also Opera Mini lite, Spotify Lite, Skype Lite and lots more which will operate efficiently in this android version.

Gallery Go

One of the latest additions to the stable is Gallery Go which is a powered version of Google Photos which will immensely help the users to sort and edit the pictures without even using the data connectivity. Lik Google Photos, Gallery Go also organizes photos into various categories which include pets, selfies, nature and lots more. Not only this but it also has access to a power editing suite which will make sure that your photo looks best.

So these are some of the amazing features of Android 10 (GO edition). Google has claimed that more than 500 manufacturers have already released more than 1600Android GO powered phones in more than 180 countries in the last 18 months.