AnandTech Believes Apple A12 Bionic Chip Is Almost As Fast As “Best Desktop CPUs”


AnandTech released its in-depth review of the recently released Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. The reputed tech hardware portal comes with in-depth iPhone reviews every year. This term, the findings have astounded them and everyone else too. AnandTech researchers found extraordinary results while conducting thorough benchmarking and examination of the new iPhones.

According to Apple, their new A12 chip is 15% faster than the previous A11. The review, however, differs as it revealed that the new generation A12 is 40% faster than the old generation A11. Not only that, the reports revealed that A12 competes with the best desktop CPUs available.

The review read, “Apple’s marketing department was really underselling the improvements here by just quoting 15%- a lot of workloads will be seeing performance improvements I estimate to be around 40%, with even greater improvements in some corner-cases. Apple’s CPU has gotten so performant now, that we’re just margins off the best desktop CPUs; it will be interesting to see how the coming years evolve, and what this means for Apple’s non-mobile products.”

The detailed review stated that A12 Bionic delivers a major improvement in neural accelerator as well as the system cache. There are major changes in GPU memory compression along with CPU core, all of which has transformed it into a high performing chip. While talking about the new GPU, Andrei Frumusanu, the AnandTech writer wrote that “On the GPU side, Apple’s measured performance gains are also within the promised figures, and even above that when it comes to sustained performance. The new GPU looks like an iteration on last year’s design, but an added fourth core, as well as the important introduction of GPU memory compression, are able to increase the performance to new levels. The negative thing here is I do think Apple’s throttling mechanism needs to be revised – and by that I mean not that it shouldn’t throttle less, but that it might be better if it throttled more or even outright capped the upper end of the performance curve, as it’s extremely power hungry and does heat up the phone a lot in the initial minutes of a gaming session.”

The review also delved deeper grounds of the camera and battery performances. While praising the Apple on every side, Frumusanu was heavily impressed by the camera performance. iPhones are known for their astonishing cameras but AnandTech review revealed that this year the new sensors offer 50% more light sensitivity.

The review read, “On the camera side, Apple made some very solid improvement all-around. The new sensor’s increased pixel size allows for 50% more light sensitivity, but the improved DTI of the sensor also allows for significantly finer details in bright conditions, essentially increasing the effective spatial resolution of the camera. SmartHDR works as promised, and it’s able to produce images with improved dynamic range.”

Notably, Apple has failed to charm iPhone users this year as far as sales charts are concerned. These improvement sheets might help the company to prove the worth of upgrading to the new devices- iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max.