Allumette Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Allumette Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Gone are the days when 3D movies were seen in the theater only. And 3D was the most awesome thing to experience. Allumette is a step into the future of story-telling. This story is a first person view into a small girls world up in a cloud borne house. Yes, you got that right, this VR movie unfolds the story of a young girl in a cloud – born in a cloud-borne village is vivid, mesmerizing and breathtakingly beautiful. The story is viewed from a first-person point of view while exploring the beautiful virtual world as you please even away from the storyline.

Everything You Should Know About Allumette Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

The VR oriented features of this movie set it way apart from the other 3D movies. Allumette makes full use of VR headsets that support positional tracking, allowing the viewer the ability to continually move around scenes, peaking behind curtains or windows, and crouching. You can look through the exterior of an airship to see what’s happening inside. Or you can entirely ignore the ship, and miss a few scenes. It’s a living dollhouse of sorts for you to closely examine, and pulling off a film like this is quite different from making a regular movie. Imagine that a virtual doll house in the clouds. Science boggles our minds in different a manner, every day.

Allumette Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

The filmmaker of this new generation movie, Eugine Chung says “The story behind Allumette was inspired by my own family relationships, particularly my relationship with my mother, who sacrificed a lot for us while we were growing up.” As mentioned by Chung this story does revolve around a titular girl and her relationship with her mother as they live in their fantastical world in the clouds.  This heart-warming story of this little girl can be watched for free on the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive the links for which will be given below.


This film, though animated, isn’t only made for kids. For all those cute story lovers out there you will definitely enjoy this beautiful short film. It deals with such a beautiful topic that almost every adult can relate to. Kids will definitely appreciate the story and love its effects but it will hit home with the young adults. This 20-minute short film doesn’t even run as long as normal sitcoms but we assure you, you will definitely feel it should have been longer.

Janko Roettegers on Variety reviews the movie saying Without giving away too much, it’s obvious from the source material that “Allumette” doesn’t have a Hollywood happy ending. But the intimacy of the medium and the sense of being right there while the story unfolds do give the classic tale a new emotional quality. In other words: This may actually be the first VR experience that makes you grab for some tissue after watching it.”

Another review of this short VR film says “One of the coolest stuff of this experience is that you stay near an edge of the city and sometimes objects fall off this edge and you are willing to take it while they fall: there are two moments when your brain is completely tricked and you’re like “wow, I’m living in the future”!

There is science there is technology there is art and there are a beautiful story and a hell lot of emotion what else do you need to prove that this small 20 minutes movie will take your breath away. And did we mention it’s a silent, no interaction film?