AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro: The best wireless earphones are…

One of the biggest and the widely popular scores in Apple’s billion-dollar acquisition of Beats by Dre was the company’s streaming service that was later transformed into Apple Music. Just two weeks after the launch of its long-awaited second gen Airpods, Apple has debuted the new Powerbeats Pro, which is truly wireless version of its existing Powerbeats 3 and the sportier alternative to the Airpods. After the lot of test for about few weeks, the major thing that has been figuring out will be discussed in this guide that will help users to buy the best earphone among both of them and within their budget as well. There are many devices which are cherished as our headphones and we communicate with them, take them to the gym, use them throughout the whole day, during the workout, in offices, homes, while traveling and even sometimes while sleeping.

As of the earlier this month, iPhone owners have yet another option for considering the headphone while people use to buy them. Beats, the Apple-owned headphone maker has launched its first pair of truly wireless headphone on May 3. This new headphone has lots of things common with Apple’s latest Airpods that cost around $159 or $199 if you are opting for the wireless charging case. They both run on Apple’s H1 chip that means the user can access Siri hands-free while wearing them, and they can both detect whether they are in your ear so that they can be paused and played with the music automatically. They are compatible with the android devices as well, but you might not be able to access the aforementioned features which can separate them from other major devices and wireless headphones in 2019.

Let us now discuss the major differences on both of these i.e. Powerbeats Pro vs Airpods that will help users to choose the best one among both of them as:

Noise Isolation



When it comes to the audio experience, the powerbeats Pro headphone blows one crucial difference over Apple’s Airpods: noise isolation. The Powerbeats Pro is quite significant to subdue and have the myriad sound on the subway during the commute. If drowning to distraction is the essential quality, then you should look for while buying headphones, then the Powerbeats Pro is the best choice to opt for rather than buying Airpods. But, of course, all that depends upon the requirement of the users which kind of earphones they need.

Sound quality



Both of the wireless headphones in the USA provide rich, enthusiastic and clear sound quality but this does not mean that they are the same. In addition to all this, the noise isolation of the Powerbeats Pro offers a dynamic range which is the audio term that refers to the difference and distance between the loudest and quickest sounds in the track. Overall, the Powerbeats Pro has sound louder, clearer and more all-encompassing than the Airpods. While the Airpods generally offers the high sound quality, especially for the price, they almost sounded a bit muted in the comparison to the Powerbeats Pro.

Comfort, fit and convenience



For the product which meant to be worn for a long period of time, comfort is the most crucial factor that needs to be considered. This is another major area where the Powerbeats vs Airpods differ depending upon your preferences. This is because the Powerbeats Pro has completely different designs than Apple’s Airpods and they have hooks which are designed to wrap around the ear to finally keep them in place. This makes the headphones more ideal choice for those who are looking for the reliable pair of wireless earbuds which will feel snug and secure while running as well.

Special features



Like Airpods, you can summon Siri hand-free with the Powerbeats Pro to take your phone calls. Both of these pairs of wireless headphone also have the sensors which can detect when they are in your ears, which means that they can automatically play and pause music when you take them out. But the Powerbeats Pro and Airpods headphones also have a specific feature which makes them different from each other. The Powerbeats Pro offers most customization and comes with the multiple ear tips to accommodate different sizes, unlike Airpods.


If you are confused in deciding whether to buy Powerbeats vs Airpods, then the choice will completely depend upon you and how you plan to use them. The Powerbeats will be the best choice for the people if they don’t mind spending a little more money for the better sound quality of the earphones, noise isolation is not their priority and needs more than one color option in their headphone.

On the other hand, the Airpods will be better for the users if the convenience and the portability matters to you the most when it comes to the wireless headphone in India choice, you need not care much about the noise isolation, you want to spend less money, you want great sound but that’s not your highest priority than other things.