Xiaomi sent a brand new Redmi Note 7 Pro to a user for free after his terminal device crashed and went up in fires.

This succeeds after the Indian man was refuted a replacement at first, later asked to pay 50% of the total smartphone cost at a Xiaomi service center. However, things whirled sideways for the Chinese smartphone manufacturer after many news portals reported on the matter.

Along with a brand new phone, Xiaomi has also proposed a free backpack to compensate for the man’s bag that accidentally caught fire from the burning device.

“At Xiaomi, customer safety is of utmost significance, and we take such issues extremely seriously. Quality of our products is a crucial pillar at Xiaomi, and all our devices go through various levels of stringent quality tests attesting to the highest standards. Our tools also have third parties validation for our standards of quality and after-sales.

In this particular case, after a thorough examination, it was determined that the device was already physically deteriorated before it was carried to the service center. The case has been resolved amicably with the customer, ensuring the satisfaction of the consumer. We genuinely care for our consumers and are providing all the necessary assistance.

We take pride in having one of the most robust after-sales networks in the country to solve customer issues seamlessly.”

According to Kumar, the fire couldn’t be regulated just by nearby things, so he had to utilize a fire extinguisher. He reports that even a five seconds delay in throwing away the device would have expenditure he graves physical injuries.

After the whole incident, Kumar approached a nearby Xiaomi service center, which directly refuted him a replacement. On top of that, they even criticized him for the explosion.  After much pressure, the service center also asked Kumar to spend at least fifty percent of the total smartphone cost. Being an excellent budget-friendly phone, Xiaomi has stood as an outstanding choice for a vast spectrum of millennials.

In a post, he has published that his phone exploded due to a battery blast, resulting in setting his bag on fire and leaving it incinerated too. He alleged that since his purchase of the smartphone in December 2019, he has always been charging it via the wrapped charger provided.

The incident happened yesterday. As per Kumar, the Redmi Note 7 Pro unit was at a 90% charge when he reached his workplace. Acknowledging that his smartphone’s temperature was increasing steadily, he took the phone out of his pocket and saw vapors emitting from the battery and flung it towards his bag.

This was when the phone exploded and set the bag on fire, destroying it within minutes.

Xiaomi Service Centre Blames Kumar surprised by what had happened, and the close call he had only given rise to with the explosion. The executives tasked with helping Xiaomi customers instead tried to blame him for the blast, telling him that he was the one responsible for the blast by causing damage to the smartphone that governed the battery blast.

They even measured the hole left in the bag due to the fire and the phone to make sure the blast indeed caused the fire. When Kumar refused to take the blame, the service center tried to get him to pay 50% of the smartphone’s cost to get a new unit as a replacement.

In the job sheet provided, the service center doesn’t even mention the blast as the issue, listing ‘Power On Fault’ as the fault instead.

Mobile phone brands have long used the tactic of blaming the customer for using third-party chargers, prior damage, or third-party service centers for blasts.