So, have you recently been engaged- congratulations..!! While, wedding planning is incredibly exciting, but it can also be quite a complex task due to our day to day busy professionals. But, thankfully, there are no apps which will help to make planning your wedding a bit easier and manage everything within your budget and create your table plan on the go. Your wedding might be supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but actually to plan it can make you pull out your hairs. Lucky for us, that we live in the time of smartphones and we all know that there is an app for just about planning out your wedding.

If you thought that you are coming up with a new hashtag and new ideas for your wedding, and having charging booths at your wedding meant that you were having tech-filled nuptials, then you have just nicked the tip of the iceberg. Tech can be quite drastic into every part of the wedding, that may include the planning, all the vent s are surrounded the big day, the attire, the actual wedding and of course the documentation as well. Plus, to manage your guest can totally benefit from some of this new platform as well. Where you are just beginning your wedding planning adventure or checking out the very last things on your wedding checklist.

Here, we have compiled up the top wedding planning apps that will make your wedding quite smoother and easier and also interesting that you might even have thought of as:

Wedding Happy: This is one of the best wedding planning app about which you even do not have any idea. This app can be just put in your anticipated wedding date and this app will design the schedule complete with the checklist and suggested due dates. This wedding planning app has other great features that include wedding day countdown, payment tracking, spending summary, and vendor management. This app also has the setup which is super simple and users need not have to use the wifi to use the majority of the app. This clearly means that you can get your planning done on the plane ride or the subway.

Wedding Happy



iWed Planner: iWed Planner is another wedding planning app in 2019 that users might use and can enjoy with keeping all the memories of your wedding at one place. This best wedding planning app in 2019 hops to cover all the wedding planning bases and there is also an available to-do list feature, which keeps track of everything that you need to do. By using this top wedding planner app in 2019 , you can also organize all your vendors in the app and can take notes along the way. If you want to keep track of all your guest/RSVP, then this app will help you out easily in every situation.

iWed Planner



Wedding Planner by Knot: If you are an NRI or planning to marry in abroad, then this best wedding planning app in USA will help and will work like a dream of great wedding planning. This app offers a personalized checklist of things with various options to make and maintain a wedding budget. This wedding planning app in USA really comes with the ability to search through over 250,000 wedding vendors, before through the app. By using this app for wedding planning, you can enjoy the tours of potential venues for your marriage by gaining recommendations for flowers and dresses.

Wedding Planner by Knot



Joy: When it comes to wedding planning, this wedding planning app in India is petty much nothing that you can even think of. This free app not only helps the users to manage your wedding planning schedules, guest list and send invitations, but also it can be sued as very own private social network with a wedding party and guest profiles. This free wedding planning app will also help once the wedding is over and you do not want to delete your memories with it, then you can share their photos and memories with your guest leaving you with the virtual wedding album and can look back into them after years.




Appy Couple: This is another top wedding planning app in USA that is tech-savvy and couples will love, which can also be used to creating your own personalized wedding website to be used both by your guest and as well as you. This wedding planning app free helps to share all the information about your big day, and you can also manage your guest list, send invitations, collect RSVP and even collect your most pictures after your wedding has been finished. Using this wedding planning app, users will have lots of memories that they might not have without using any app.

appy couple



Hope the above list of wedding planner apps will help users to find the best planner for them that suits their budget as well.