A+ Spelling Apps for Kids

About the App:

This application is aimed to improve the spellings and vocabulary of the students in the form of quiz. Teachers can create multiple worksheets according to weeks for assignment and tests for practice too. Students can also create their own list or can play with their parents to spell the words from the lists you have created. A very innovative and easy to use to add fun to learning especially when it comes to puzzle yourself with the easiest words of vocabulary. This app also allows parents to keep the track of their progress report.

Just give a catchy title to your test, type in a set of desired words (with correct spelling, of course), record audio for these words, hit the test button, and you are good to go. Each audio clip last about six seconds, so you can speak words and complete sentences too. Pst that you can also listen to their recording before moving on to ensure that it has worked

Key Features:

Free Version:

  • Create your own spelling tests in a few minutes with your choice of words.
  • Track your kid’s progress to understand how they are performing and which words they find difficult to spell to make them practice again.
  • Keep your kids engaged with different play modes- Test mode, Practice mode or let your kids unscramble the words
  • Easy submitting your homework or test through emails by just clicking on submit the results instantly to your teacher.

Pro Features: 

  • Import spelling lists across devices
  • More features available through email- Share Spelling lists with parents, students, and teachers.
  • Easily sort your spelling lists
  • Better view supports landscape and portrait mode
  • Create users accounts to backup spelling lists online
  • Includes over 400 spelling lists in total which includes more than 6300 words.

Compatible Platforms and Download Link:

This app is only available for iOS devices through App Store and here is the download link

[Download Here]

How to Use:

A+ Spelling Apps for Kids

This apps is easy to you and can be explained in three simple steps.

Step 1: Creating a test

Create a list with a customized list name and add the words, immediately checked for spelling to avoid mistakes. Post that for every word add, record your own audio.

Step 2: Take the test

Listen to the word you need to spell. Words will appear in random order. Write the word and click next. Check instantly, if you got it right or wrong

Step 3: Review test scores

Every time you take a test, you see a detailed report with all the words you got right and wrong. Next, to each word, you see a green (correct) or red (wrong) indicator so you can quickly see what words kids tend to struggle with repeatedly. Next, to each Spelling List, you see the test results of the last test they took


This app is rated 4+ on Appstore and here is what users want to speak about this app.