As we all are going closer to the next generation of a gaming system, the opportune time for grabbing up the one from this current era is finally here and is quite interesting as well. With the incredible library of games which are continuing to grow and prices which most of the people have affordable and they have ever been, you will need to pick any of the gaming consoles soon to really make it worth your money.

After spending years of experience in playing the video games, and carefully weighing the pros and the cons of each one of them, we have decided to put them all together for the people to choose the one among all of the gaming consoles of 2019. The gaming world has moved to towards new tech and trends since years, and when you only had the one or two consoles to pick from, you might get confused a lot.

Therefore, we are going to turn up the list of top gaming console that will help users to pick the best among all of them as:

PlayStation 4 Pro: The PlayStation 4 Pro is one of the widely used and the most popular best gaming console which is available today for the users. This gaming console has the 4k, HDR 10 compatibility, and the exclusive game library and currently is one of the best plugs and play gaming platform. A very large majority of both the gaming console in USA is available on both the platforms. Though both of these platforms have the popular exclusive franchises, and it sees more exclusive games. This also has access to the small number of less well-known indie games and niche titles. The major reason for the users to buy gaming console of Playstation is that it is one of the best games that have stunning loose as possible.



Xbox One S: This is another best gaming console in 2019 which can do that the standard PS4 console cannot be upscaled with 4k. To make up for the lack of good exclusive, this consist does have much better backward compatibility and the capabilities than PlayStation consoles. This best gaming console in USA has the area where Xbox completely outstrips the overall home entertainment while the both of them consist are able to stream for the variety of entertainment apps, and this gaming console also has the 4k Blu ray player built in it. This best gaming console of all time is the gaming feature as which characterized by Sony for not having in the PlayStation 4 Pro. Therefore, if you have the large physical ultra HD Blu-ray collection and it is important to you that you are able to play it then this gaming console will favor you out.




Nintendo Switch: Upon its reveal, this top gaming console in 2019 has marketed itself as the mobile gaming system which could not be played at home on your television, but it might also have carried around and playable wherever you go. This gaming console has made the playing on the go and easy with the disabling controller with the split screen options, therefore you can play with your friends as well. This new gaming console coming out has 50 third parties publisher to develop in future games. The switch in this gaming console makes for the great system for parties with its mobile snap off joy corn controller. Once out of its docking station, this gaming console acts as the tablet with its own dedicated screen which can be shared with others through the spilled screen multiplayer game.



Sony PlayStation 4 Slim: This is another major and popular top gaming console in USA that user is dying to buy out due to its affordability, most svelte and quite form. Like the original, this gaming console looks like the sandwich on the lean but here the top and the bottom of the surfaces are completely square in shape and gives the console a much squatter appearance. On the hand, this gaming console is had even made it easier than ever before to swap the factory HDD for something bigger and faster. This gaming console has the fact that the flimsy panel tends to slip off whenever you move the console and feels just a weird. The touch-sensitive strips of this new gaming console in 2019 have the eject button on the old console where it all has been replaced with the actual button on this gaming console.



Nintendo 2DS XL: Nintendo’s is another top gaming console in India that comes with the new exclusive game title, additional button and lower price rate which make it the smart choice for most of the users. The design of this gaming console in comparison with the 3DS is mostly physical. Certain features like the speaker, card slot, stylus and power button that were allocated and relocated in the video game. This gaming console in India includes stylus is quite much smaller than its previous iteration, which makes it slightly harder for the adults for grip. However, this gaming console choice completely depends upon the omit of a 3D display which makes the device less top heavy and more balanced and easier to hold on. In fact, this gaming console is quite thinner and lighter overall that makes it easier to hold for the longest gaming session.



These gaming consoles list will help users to pick the best one which suits their needs and will help them to make their video games more interesting.