As we all know that, Christmas is about to come and we all have something or other planned for a holiday with our friends and family. But, there is a big question mark about how to book the tickets, flights, all arrangements, etc.

There is no worrying about all this, as there are so many mobile apps available on Google Play store and Apple store that will help you to do everything in a proper and quicker way. A well earned holiday is not the time to be burying your noise in your smartphones, but your trusty dopamine machine can be a great guide on your holidays this year. All you need to do is just to make sure that you have installed and checked a right app for your trip.

Therefore, turn off all your notifications, delete slack, unsync your work emails and make sure that you have chooses the best app for your holiday for a great break. At their best, mobile application services make our lives easier, more organized and perhaps even save our lot of money in the meantime. During holidays, they can keep the jumble of tasks, gifts, to-do-list, and appointments straightforward.

Some of us keep track of all tracking IDs for your many orders straight, some shares the list of grocery for the family potluck with guests and other will get your money back automatically when an order comes in late or has the price drop after you have already purchased something. You can even find the apps helpful to you for sharing wish lists to make your shopping that much easier, so we can that apps are helpful to us in one or another way.

Preparing for holiday travel is often of the most stressful activity of the holidaying season especially when festivals arrives as Christmas is about to come. With packing bags to airport transportation to planning and TSA approved pies to bake, etc, the run to celebrations is its own kind of marathon. Luckily technology is evolving rapidly and is always there to help us. There are a variety of apps that run the gamut from practical to romantic which makes the journey of people to your final destination a little smoother and relaxed. Travelers can edit their photos on the go and even upload their new profile pictures if they are looking to make some acquaintances in town.

So before you head out to your destination on this Christmas Eve, invest in a pair of good headphones, download the top holidaying app for Christmas holiday and get ready for a happy and safe journey as:




As anyone who has ever stumbled jet-lagged and bleary-eyed onto New York’s subway can attest Citymapper is a life saver for them. It covers 39 cities from Berlin to Tokyo, its routes and use of data are the best way better than Google Maps which makes it indispensable travel companion for both city breaks and more long-haul trips.

In lots of cities, it not only just tells you how to make your journey, but also will tell you about how much your journey will cost.




Getting some basic restaurant French with this language learning app is quite quick and simple. With detailed, free to access course in about 29 languages, brushing up on your Hungarian before a trip to Budapest is a doddle.

All like good games, you will be a little bit addicted to this app, which is great news for when you lost in rural areas and need to ask someone for direction.




There are lots of chances when you have already got everything booked, but Airbnb’s big new push for experience makes it quite a handy app to use when you are on holiday.

From walking tours to cooking classes and kayak adventures to forest therapy, there is a weird but wonderful range of activities that are available on it.




For the travelers who do not believe in planning, HotelTonight is the best and a perfect match for them. It has some great deals for bookings which had made at the last minute.

It has got an easy to use interface and some generally amazing deals if you are willing to take the risk. In some destinations, you can even search for up to 100 days in advance. Maybe you are looking for something better for your holidays, but HotelTonight is the great spur of the moment reservations.




Every time you are making a booking on your big trip, just forward it to TripIt and this will add it to an automated itinerary. It is probably less confusing than searching back through your inbox for the restaurant’s reservation which you made for your holidays two months ago.




Beat the jet lag or the hangover, with the access to details of the best coffee in hundreds and thousands of cities all around the world. You can find cafes read reviews about them and can add your own photos or comments to help other people also in the Beanhunter community which can track down the perfect brew.


British Airways


If you insist on flying British, the British Airways app is one o the best airline boarding pass apps out there. Admittedly the competition is not that high, but it is fast, easy to use and do not have endless unnecessary features.


BBC Weather


Will it rain in your holiday place which you have already set for your Christmas Eve? No, probably it won’t be. But BBC Weather, which comes with handy home screen widget on Android, is a quick and easy way of checking the daily or weekly forecast in pretty much any location all around the world.


Hope the above-listed application will surely help you out to install and get the top holidaying app for you and your family trip on this Christmas. It will definitely create a moment of happiness and a memorable journey with your family by using these apps.