Not so long ago, there are most of the people who use messaging services to stay connected with their friends and family and other contacts would buy an SMS pack that helps them to send lots of messages for a very nominal price rate. As more and more people are moving on to the messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike, etc, we do not use the SMS services as frequently as used to use in earlier days. There are some predictions that the free text messaging app is dying a slow death and regardless to that fact, there is a planet of popular messaging apps which allows users to send messages, videos and make calls for free, as there are plenty of applications available that only allows free SMS services.

There are numerous reasons to replace your default free texting apps which could have even bored you since you are using them for a long time. The third party best messaging apps are often better able to protect your privacy for one. They also offer more advanced features, makes it easier to sync your conversation among your devices and thus helps you to message friend and family or maybe even business purpose that live beyond you. If you send more and more text messages form photos from your mobile phones than you place calls or upload videos, then you may probably have seen that the SMS and MMS messages many cost huge amount of money to send and receive. So, if you can send free texts by using data or wi-fi, you can save a huge amount of money.

Below we have listed 7 free SMS apps: makes most of your unlimited texts that will help you to text your friends or family or anyone with no cost other messaging apps as:





Way2SMS is one of the oldest and best messaging apps in 2019 and that is why this free messaging app is listed on the top of my list. This app is now available in the form of an android app and can be easily installed from the Google play store. For this, you just have to create your account and add contacts i.e. their phone number and their name. Once you have been done with all these two initial steps, you will be able to send the free SMS/text to any mobile number all over India for free of cost. After installing this app, you simply need to create the new account or log in with the existing one (if you have). Its simple user interface is another attraction point for the users which makes it much better than any other popular messaging app in 2019.

Textra SMS




Textra SMS is another free messaging app for Android and is one of the most elegant user interfaces which are also simple to use and play with. But, when people used it to send out text message, you may not even like this app, because messages failed to get delivered on time. This free messaging app in 2019 will help you to send free text to your friend and family with no cost. This app I also available on Google play store and is easier to use interface.

Chomp SMS




Chomp SMS is free texting messaging app for android device and enable you to choose among hundreds of themes and skins. This app also has features like passcode app lock, privacy option, SMS sender scheduler, blocking feature, signatures, dual SIM support, group messaging, and many more. Using this free texting messaging app, you can customize the notification icon, LED colors, ringtones; vibrate patterns, screen colors, font types, and sizes, background, and many more interesting things.





MySMS enables you to send and receive the free text messages from your laptop or your computer. This one of the fascinating free SMS texting apps uses your existing phone number and sends a text with the help of your Android phone. The entire text message is encrypted and saved securely in the cloud and you can choose to send free messages to other mySMS users or opt to text via your carrier.





Handcent is one of the free SMS apps for Android in 2019 that enables you to send free text messages with the help of wi-fi data on your smartphone. This app can be even used on your computer or tablet so that you send the messages even when you do not want to type on the small keyboard of your mobile phone. If you have more than one phone number, then also you can use this app to switch between the numbers.

Go SMS Pro




Go SMS Pro is featured with lots of availability and easy to use interface and is one of the best free SMS apps for Android because of its existing users are satisfied with its use. There have been quite some problems with its functionality of sending out the text SMS which was not delivered on time, that need users to resend. This app is cluttered with free user interface and this was another major benefit of this app. You can easily install this app from Google play store and can use this app to send text messages to your friends and family.





QKSMS is one of the most amazing free and open source android app for sending free text messages. This app follows Google’s material design and guidelines for the sleek and attractive interface and features nearly about 200 themes so that users can customize the themes by their choice. You can even send free SMS and MMS, can create group messages use the delayed messaging features and many more.


Hope this free text messaging app for Android devices will help you out to get better results and use them wherever you want to and whenever you want to use.