Modern education and work culture are largely based on express typing on digital screens and in the world of spell checker programs, few people realize the importance of being a good speller. If you are worried about your child’s poor marks in the school spell test or want your child to become the next spelling bee champion, this list is exactly what you are looking for.  

As studies have shown classroom environments that are infused with technology keep students more engaged in learning. Learning to spell correctly requires regular practice and these applications do the same but in a fun, interactive way!

7 Best Spelling Apps for Kids

Lady Bird: I am Ready to Spell

This kids spelling app is a combination of three different space themed games with the objective to collect stars while traveling through the outer space.  It includes speedy spellings, scrambled spellings and sinking spellings. It also has a feature where the parents can add spellings that the child is learning at school. Kate Ruttle a literacy expert at Cambridge University describes the app as “The perfect spelling app for kids preparing for the Phonics Screening Check and beyond. A must-have in any household.”

Age: 6-9

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Spelling Monster 

This kids spelling app consists of many popular games like Hangman, Word Scramble, Words with Friends, Word Search, Crossword etc. It’s an overall colorful experience to help your child learn and practice their spellings. The application also lets you track the progress of your kids by providing them with the following statistics. : –

  • How often Spelling Monster is used
  • The child’s spelling word list
  • List and words
  • How many times that list has been played
  • The last date it has been played
  • The length of time it was played

Age: 6-9

Curious George 

This application is the best spelling apps for 5th graders as it is in the form of a game which is based on the character of an adorable monkey named “George”. Aimed to help children learn while playing on mobile devices, the application would help your child develop a good sense of alphabets and reading skills.

Spelling Bee

Aimed at a wider age group, this application prompts the words and timer, based on the child’s grade. It perfectly blends fun and learning also helping parents track the child’s progress and customize the word lists. Being timer oriented, the application develops your child’s grasping power.

Age: 6-12

Spelling Hero Game

Kids love superheroes, and superheroes love kids! The objective of this game is to fight the villains by spelling words correctly. The app also puts focus on the definition, sentence usage, pronunciation and etymology of the word. The application is the spelling apps for middle school as it uses difficult words and can help students of higher age groups as well. The superheroes concept of the game is appealing to the kids and keeps them hitched to the game hence enhancing learning.

Squeebles by KeyStageFun 

A fun and interactive app that contains all the adorable and colorful characters from the Squeebles series that appeals to every child. This application is spelling apps for middle school as it can help teachers and parents track the progress of multiple kids at the same time, and even encourage learning in a group by scheduling test and activities in groups. The students also have an added incentive of progressing and unlocking their favorite characters in the game.

A+ Spelling App

Trusted by thousands of parents, teachers, and kids all over the world, this application by innovative mobile apps gives loads of features and controls to the user. The teachers can customize the word list and record sentences to explain the usage of the words. Students can even choose to submit their homework via email! ( Gone are the days where forgetting the notebook at home was a viable excuse!) These new age methods for learning will surely put the spellings flashcards away!