7 Best Scanner Apps for Android phones

Do you urgently need to scan your documents but do not have the scanner at your home? Are you really pissed off to scan your documents daily in your office or from the café? Then not to worry..!! This is one of the major common problems that usually office people face as they need scanned documents everywhere. But, very few people are aware that they can also scan their documents with the help of their smartphones. There are various mobile app devices which can capture the photo and they can scan it and turn into PDF document.

Scanners and printers are the most common in most household and offices but you do not need to have the bulky scanners. If you do not have to access the scanner, then you can use your mobile phones to scan the documents. As there are many smartphones pack a good camera nowadays, and hence you can scan the documents in high quality. Moreover, scanning with your smartphones can be much faster than using the desktop scanner. There is various scanner app for documents to be scanned well and easily use them in your office or anywhere else.

Well, below are given 7 best scanner apps for android phones that will help you to make your workload easier and convenient to use the app at any time as:

  1. Camscanner
  2. Adobe Scan
  3. Google Photo Scan
  4. Clear Scanner
  5. Tiny Scanner
  6. Scan Bot 
  7. Smart Doc Scanner

7 Best Scanner Apps for Android Phones 




CamScaner is one of the most popular and widely used popular documents scanning app which is available for android, windows and iOS platform as well. This app is easy to use which can scan the documents to output a PDF file. This app is available free of cost, but there is also available it’s the pro version that offers few other major features including 10GB of cloud space.

If you can pay for this app, you can use the pro features built with this app. This app can also help to crop images, extract text from the image and enhance the images. This is why you must check this app once and download it directly from Google play store.

Adobe Scan

Adobe ScanAdobe Scan is again popular and one of the best scanning app for Android devices which helps you to scan any notes, forms, documents, and images to PDF files. This app is simple and effective to use and navigate by any age group people.

Once you point your phone’s camera to the document that you need to scan, this app will automatically recognize and scan it. It also gives you the permit to reorder the pages as requires and you can also color-correct any of the pages in it.

Google Photo Scan

 Google Photo Scan

Google photo scan is certainly one of the most widely and the most awaited scanning app available on Android devices. All you need to do is to just place the object that you need to scan in the given frame, now move your camera to the 4 corners and you are finished.

This app uses all corner images to enhance the main image and more often than not the results are glaring free scan even when you use the flashlight in this app. You do not even need to download the separate app, as this app comes pre-installed in most of the devices.

Clear Scan

Clear Scanners

As compared to other scanner apps, clear scanner app is more lightweights and fast processing as it has all the necessary features included in this app. All kinds of the document can be scanned and both the PDF and JPEG formats are also supported in converting.

This app also supports several cloud platforms, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox that makes printing scanned documents available through the cloud. Other basic features of this app are image editing, multi-page document, etc. More importantly, this app is free to download directly from the play store and it contains ads in it.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny ScannerTurn your android devices into useful and much-awaited scanner app with Tiny Scanner. This app helps you to turn your Android device into the pocket document scanner and save the document as images or PDFs. With the help of this scanner app, you can scan just about everything that you come across in your life.

This pdf document scanner app is too fast and designed for your phone as well as the tablet. In short, with the use of this app, you can turn your mobile into a mini scanner which you can take wherever and whenever you want to.



Scanbot is also another best scanner app for the document scanner with a built-in QR code and barcode. Like other apps, you can scan almost anything from the documents and the notes to whiteboards and business cards.

You can also save the scans as either a PDF or JPG and can perform the search from the OCR ability. This app lets you scan multiple page documents, edit, and annotate items and enhance images with color and filters. You can also connect with the variety of cloud services in this app.

Smart Doc Scanner

Smart Doc Scanner

Smart Doc Scanner is another intelligent scanner for digitizing your documents in an easy manner. This app also connects images to text in more than 40 languages and thus includes a spelling check.

This app also supports most popular images format such as PDF, JPG, BMP, GIP, etc. This app is highly available on Google play store for the users to easily download.


These are some of the best scanner apps for Android devices. If you find any one of them useful and interesting for your use, then you can download it and use it to make your workload less and enjoy working with these apps anywhere.