Smartphones have finally entered our lives. You can even safely say that without a phone – as without hands. Every day we use telephones, the Internet and, of course, various kinds of applications. Every day, innovative applications are created for iOS and Android. In this regard, Muslims are also not far behind. 

In the list of Muslim applications, you can find an electronic version of the Holy Quran, and an application with times of prayers, an indication of the qibla, the location of halal cafes and restaurants nearby and many other interesting and useful things. 

All you need is a smartphone and the Internet. Now, Quickly we’ll check some best Islamic Mobile Applications for our Muslim Friends.

7 Best Islamic Mobile Applications

The Seerah App

This application is about the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Without a doubt, this beautifully designed application is the most detailed and colorful application about the life of the messenger of the Almighty, focused on a Muslim audience. 

This application tells about the life of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) from birth to his relocation to Medina. The application consists of seven chapters with a detailed description of life, contains interactive animations, games for exploring various moments. Developed by AlphaApps, which is located in Dubai, the application can be safely compared with a full-length animated film.

Quran companion

Millions of Muslims around the world set one of the main goals of their lives to learn the Qur’an in whole or at least partially. Thanks to the Quran Academy, memorizing it will not be so difficult or occurring exclusively within the walls of mosques and madrassas. A connoisseur of the Holy Quran and entrepreneur Bilal Memon founded in 2014 a small company, which soon released a very important and necessary application. 

The developers have equipped their first Quran Companion application with gamification, interactive learning technologies, and class schedules. The developers are sure that thanks to their application, Muslims will finally be able to learn the Holy Quran.

Ramadan legacy

One of the Best Applications. In 2013, a team of spiritual strategists, creators and programmers decided to create a social application that is designed to connect and empower Muslims during the month of Ramadan. 

This development is the world’s first full-featured application for Ramadan, which ranked 6th in the list of trending applications in the world.

This app usefully combines smart technology and very beautifully designed as well. Application helping thousands of Muslims to enhance their ways of worshiping. More than 150,000 users from 90 countries use the application. 

You’ll also get Fasting reminders, prayer times notifications, Qibla direction, Live stream across the globe with like-minded Muslim friends and really helpful interactive planner within this single application. 

This beautiful and smart application allows you to develop an individual action plan for 30 days, encourages with inspirational quotes, keeps track of fasting days, prayers, recitation of the Quran and other tasks. Builds charts, because a visual demonstration of achievements motivates further action on its own.

The application also allows you to chat with friends and keep a personal diary of Ramadan. Better to try once than procrastinate in the month of grace.

Muslim Pro- Prayer Times, Azan, Quran& Qibla

Developed in Singapore, a popular application with a sleek design has replaced several at once. It notifies the time of prayer by message, sound signal or azan (in the paid version you can choose the version of the azan), calculates the qibla with calibration, plays the Qur’an, highlights the readable verse, sends reminders with verse for every day, allows you to leave bookmarks and notes as you read.

But this is not even the third part of what MuslimPro can do: it is equipped with an interactive calendar, a version for reading a collection of prayers, sections “Shahada” and “99 names of Allah”, postcards that can be sent directly from the application, a zakat calculator and a map of halal establishments and mosques in a geolocation.

All this is available in the free version, but those who appreciate the merits of the application will probably want to switch to the premium version for a fee: without advertisements and with numerous azans. Muslim has 30 languages ​​and more than 20 million downloads.

HalalGuide: Mosques, Salat, Quran

Launched in 2012, the HalalGuide project was the first and unique guide to the halal services launched in Russia and the CIS (more than 30 thousand points are now marked). It’s now covering United Kingdom, UAE, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and few other countries worldwide. 

Especially convenient for traveling Muslims: the application will tell (and show), based on geolocation data, where the nearest mosques and prayer rooms are, where they sell halal products and are fed halal food (taking into account special certificates – the application notes their presence or absence).

The interesting function “Ask a question to the imam” makes HalalGuide an even more useful and convenient tool for Muslims from different cities. Here you can listen to MIRadio – a continuously broadcasting tool for spiritual growth, a partnership project of Muslim women.

And another feature of the modern application – the service allows you to participate in the bonus programs (HalalBonus app), accumulate points and Use them with more than 2000 program partners.

MyDua – Hisnul Muslim (a dua for every day)

MyDua is a pocket-sized collection of prayers for all occasions. Thanks to the myDua mobile application, you can always find out what it is advisable to do and what prayers should be used in various situations. It will be a User-friendly app, You can’t carry the Quran everywhere so it will be easy and convenient to have this app in your pockets.

Ummah- Muslim App

This application is the all-in-one Islamic people platform. Here you can share your thoughts about the religion on the platform, it’s helpful to buy and sell the halal way(you can easily add products to it and you’ll be notified on sales), also, you can connect with like-minded Islamic people and connect to Muslim friends worldwide. This app shows you the accurate prayer times as per your current locations. All over, a very helpful for our Muslim Brothers and sisters.