Ever since games were introduced to ghosts and horror houses, the excitement and competitive approach climbed one more spot. The best ever example came in 1996 when Resident Evil came out as the most horrifying game.

With the whole night themes that never ended and the darkness growing wide year by year in some top games, Halloween is the best time to talk about the scariest games out there. So which are the top most games meant for adults this Halloween? Let’s find out.


This is Google’s first Halloween themed multiplayer Doodle game and we found it quite fun and addictive. Trick or Treat is quite fun and sort of addictive for people who like being competitive in games. The good-natured, bright-colored game somewhat reminisces Nintendo’s Splatoon. Yes, those who are old like us should remember the paint-based family-friendly game.

Moving on with Trick or Treat

The Great Ghoul Duel, players are split into two teams of cartoon ghosts (who look cute) and they are asked to collect and bring back the scattered spirit flames. These are scattered all over the map and you have to get them back to your team’s base. To control the game, you can move around with arrow keys or using your mouse and just floating over the spirit flames will pick them up. As more spirit games as you collect, there will be a tail formed behind you. Reach the base with maximum spirit flames and you win. However, the catch is that the tail can be stolen by the opponent player and as it grows longer, it is easier to be stolen.

Still, you should rack up as many spirit flames as you can in limited time because as you will collect more, there will be special powers unlocked as bonuses such as the ability to fly through walls, the speed boosts to become uncatchable and more. These can help you take an edge in close matches.

Each match lasts only for two minutes but that certainly cannot stop you from clicking that replay button. Trick-or-Treat: The Great Ghoul Duel recognizes its winners with accolades at the end of each game. These are just part of the winning ceremony and there is no extra coming for benefit in the gameplay from this. Though, the accolades can get a bit funny when you keep it playing again and again.


The popular co-op Zombies mode from COD universe is another fan-favorite spooky entry to the list. This has been part of COD from years and after Black Ops 4 ditched the single-player version, the game has dramatically enhanced and is loved more around the gaming world.

This Halloween can be another zombie dead. In fact, slay them all. COD: Black Ops 4 has three entire campaigns dedicated to Zombies and according to developers, more Zombie content will be available soon for gaming lovers. So, get a friend this Halloween, pick a story, choose your hero, save the world from zombies before they kill you.


You need to admit that zombies have been center-subject for many horrifying and spooky games. But, State of Decay 2 gives you extra chills with these undead walkers. One wrong move can get you chomped and guess what, there was no save or any other possibilities to start from where it ended.

It’s kind of virtual fear of death, where if you’re gone then you’re gone for good. There’s no revival unless you are reborn or technically speaking, restart the game. The healthy fear of death makes it even more competitive survival story and it can annoy you a bit this Halloween but it will be a guaranteed thrilling and tense experience.


A game that was originated from the evil mind of Shinji Mikami- Resident Evil creator. It’s dark and too much dark for light-hearted people. It’s a demented trip to a virtual reality world crafted by the mind of a serial killer. Demons, zombies, and everything else to make it more terrifying- this was all just the first part, and we are here to talk about the sequel.

It follows a scenario where you have the freedom and creativity but the game will still find something to keep you on the edge. This Halloween, you might need some of those shotgun shells with your friends.


Well, if you have a loaded gun and a bunch of zombies is coming towards you, there should be nothing to be scared about since one shot can blast them off. That is what Outlast 2 developers think about and that’s why they turn it equal by putting your bare hand with just a night-vision camera. This is how you have to find your way out and this is how even your own eyes will be tested.

This sequel intensifies and pushes the game beyond its predecessor offering you high levels of competition and scare you twice at the same time. No matter how you complete it, but this holiday take your friends to this ride and get some amazing experience of scare and competition.

PREY (2017) 

The name is meant for both, the shape-shifting, inky-hued aliens as well as you. Built around the suffocating space theme, these fear fodder offers scary creatures from places you wouldn’t expect. Prey is smartly configured to bite you with those tentacles but a smart gameplay can and will be appreciated as you progress in the game.

The unexpected part generates an eerie tension around every corner and hallway with amazing cracking sound effects that do the job of keeping you in the edge. Put those headphones on and get into it this Halloween to show them who’s the predator.


It’s true that this game has plenty of bugs. One can say, even more than Jason has dead bodies in his cabin. Still, Friday the 13th game is worth a try if you’re into horror games. The online multiplayer venture shakes your boots with a screaming teenager running from the masked killer that horrified people in the movie.

The fact that you’ll be facing a masked killer which is not an AI but another player sitting somewhere else and trying to hunt you makes it more exciting and competitive. So don’t wait and get into the thrill as soon as you can.