GIFs are becoming more popular things to be shared by people these days apart from photos. No matter whether it is a text message or social media, all these animated GIFs are now everywhere all across the internet. These GIFs are further sub-divided into thoughtful, sweet, hilarious, wacky or sarcastic categories. Not only this but also if you start browsing on the internet, you will get a wide range of GIFs for the particular topic you are looking for.

Do you know the GIF is discovered around 30 years ago which means 4 years before the World Wide Web was introduced? Nowadays people tend to express their emotions in the form of GIFs. It has made online communication quite easier. Not only this but also many video files are coded to work in the form of GIF.

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As the world is getting transformed into a digital world, with an increasing number of applications for searching as well as sharing GIFs, one of the best things that we can get in our phone is the GIF keyboard. Yes, you heard it right! Why do you need to bother to search the internet for GIFs when you use a keyboard specially for them? This keyboard is called a GIF keyboard. The GIF keyboard gets connected with the mobile keyboard and you can easily send animated in your messages. You have already seen that Facebook messenger have a built-in GIF search. Apart from this, iOS 10, as well as iMessage, also has built-in GIF search but the results are limited. So if you want to explore more GIFs, you can get the dedicated GIF keyboard for iPhone. So in this article, we will have a look at 7 best GIF keyboard apps for iPhone.



We hope you have already heard about Giphy as it is one of the most popular keyboards for GIFs. It also supports iOS device and the users can have access to this device in Mail, messages or any other messaging apps. To use this app is extremely easy as the user has to just do a quick search of browse by using a particular word. When you find your required GIF, just tap and paste it into your text. This app also has animated stickers, emojis and text. The users can even their own GIF here.


Fleksy is basically a full-featured GIFs keyboard app which also has predictive options, themes, web search. It can also be integrated with various other apps such as Yelp or YouTube. In short and simple words, the users can avail the benefits of these apps with Fleksy without even installing them. In the app, you will get a GIF menu, you will be shown the thumbnail of the most trending GIFs. You can either choose from the suggested one or you can enter a particular keyword in the search bar. As you get your required GIF, just tap and paste it in your text message and you are good to go, Along with this, you will also be getting various animations and themes among which some are premium for which you need to pay money. Like GIFs, you can even upload your own theme.


Gyfcat is a GIF creating as well as sharing platform which seems quite similar to GIPHY. Along with making GIFs and various other creations, this app also features with a simple keyboard which consists of a horizontal scrolling GIF bar, a camera icon as well as a search bar. With the help of a search bar, you can look for your required GIF by putting a particular keyword. However, this app does not come with any kind of customization. This app has more than 10 thousand GIFs which the GIFs creators upload every single day.


As the name suggests, this app comes with a numerous range of themes and you can select into your keyboard. Not only this but also you can use your image to make a theme. When we talk about only GIFs, the users are provided with three different tabs such as trending GIFs, hashtags as well as popular GIFs. You can select a particular GIF and paste it into your message and finally send it. RainbowKey also has an option through which one can find GIF by search by putting a keyword.

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SwiftKey is one of the older and most popular keyboard iphone. This app focuses on predicting options. It allows the users to swipe and glide the screen with the help of fingers which truly justify its name. The performance of the app is very good and the predictive options which it offers are the best. SwiftKey has an option through which one can search GIFs as well as emojis with the help of keyboard. But there is no option to have a look at the trending GIFs in this app.

Tenor GIF Keyboard

Tenor GIF keyboard is one of the easiest and popular GIF keyboard for customizing as well as sending GIFs. It helps the users in adding captions for any GIFwhich they find for creating their own memes. The app comes with Tenor which we hope you know that is a popular GIF store.

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FancyKey is the best GIF keyboard app for iPhone which totally comes with a customizable keyboard. This is featured with swipe input method along with accurate prediction which makes easier for each and every user. The app comes with 50 different themes and the users can set their image in the form of a theme. Not only this but also FancyKey has various font options available along with the advanced auto-correct feature.

 So this is the best GIF keyboards for iPhone which will make your typing more accurate and fast. Please let us know in the comments below which app you liked the most.