Top 7 Meditation App

Life is an intricate web which entangles itself around you and sometimes suffocates you with its immensity.  In all its intricacies and fast-paced nature one often encounters situations where one wants to scream out and just give up. You want to cry out and lessen your burden or just pause it and unwind a bit. This is where the age-old practice of meditation reaches out to resuscitate you and calm your mind.

The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts it’s to stop letting them control you. Scholars often say that meditation is a necessity of a healthy mind and if this is your goal too but you’re unable to achieve it due to varied reasons we’re here to help you achieve it. We give you a list of 7 apps that will help you reach your Zen while being confined to your 4 walls in your room or even in your office.

Meditation Studio



If Apple says it is s good then it has to be good. This app is listed as one of the top ten applications by Apple so you can trust it with eyes closed. This app has recently launched a “Quarterlife” collection in which it targets people in their mid-20. It is developed on the belief that small shifts or changes in your everyday life can have a huge impact on your overall well-being.

This app lets you choose from the varied meditations options. These meditation programs have titles like “lighten up”, “feeling Alive”, “Art of comfort zone” etc which makes it easier for you to choose according to the situation you’re facing.



Are you new to meditation? Lost in the vast sea of apps and other various options? Headspace is just what you’re looking for. Specifically made for beginners this app helps you learn more about meditation and how to apply it in real life.

Don’t want to believe me try it for yourself this app comes with 10 free trail exercises which give you an idea of the app and help make your choice easy. The vibrant animations add a cute, light-hearted touch to help you understand meditation. Its premium package adds a plethora of facilities to this app. What are you waiting for taking your baby steps towards attaining eternal peace?



When it comes to meditation Buddha is where you start and end. Many times just looking at the calm features of a Buddha statue calms your soul and gives you a feeling of peace. Buddhify helps you in this path of self-awareness and self-help.   For serious practitioners trying to avoid monthly subscription, buddhify is your one-stop app. It gives you more than 11 hours of custom meditation programs. Each practice focuses on one specific aspect of your life. Be it helping you to sleep or taking a break from work buddhify is your own genie helping you to become a new age, Buddha.

Stop Breathe Think

Stop Breathe Think

With five star rating from iOS as well as Android, this app boasts of 55+ guided meditation practices which help you keep your interest piqued in this app and does exactly what the name suggests it makes you ‘stop’, ‘breathe’ and ‘think’. It further segments exercises according to sleep, compassion, depression, anxiety hence proving to be a single solution for all sorts of problems. Along with tailored made chimes and sounds, this app also helps you track your progress as a mediator and all these functionalities are provided to you for free, though premium subscription enhances this app further.

Simple Habit

simple habit

Who else can help you better other than someone who’s been in your busy shoes? Simple habit is an app created by former investment banker Yunha Kim who turned to meditation after being under constant pressure and stress while opening up her startup.

This app, designed under the guidance of Harvard psychologists and meditation experts is personalized for all types of daily situations from going to work on a Monday morning to deal with PMS this app does it all. Well, it doesn’t end here the selling feature of this app is that all exercises in this app last no more than 5 minutes. Yes, you got that right it’s your 5 minutes shortcut to reading your mind for almost any situation in life. What else do you want guys?



The name itself indicates an extremely zen app. It does your usual things such as guided meditations, breathing exercises, sleep meditation etc. but it brings a slight twist to normal meditation. It brings you back to your childhood. This app has bedtime stories but for adults. Intrigued enough? Well, this app reads out bedtime stories in well-known voices that help you unwind and fall into deep calm sleep. Ok, folks, I guess we have a winner.



Find Nirvana using Omvana. Well, look at the name we couldn’t help ourselves. This app gives a slight variation to the routine apps based on the activity. On the contrary, this app gives you an option of meditating based on your stress levels using HealthKit. It also spoils you with a choice of a variety of meditation programs by various instructors. It features programs to help you become mindful. And it’s clean interface and appealing graphics uncomplicated, not only your life but also the usage of this app.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and find your inner self with these apps and make not only your own but also the life of people around you, easy.  Take your first step toward attaining nirvana.