Are you into astrology? It is not as gimmicky as it may sound- after all; we require a few words of encouragement every now and again. If you honestly believe in the celestial bodies above or just like to have fun with horoscope, by having the right mobile application that will save you from having to look up your horoscope daily on the internet.

It is so amazing to access the insights of astrological on the go. Having an off day and interested for finding out what is happening around you energetically? Trying to decide if today an ideal day for you to have a tough conversation with your loved ones or not? Then, the best way to come out all these is the horoscope apps on your smartphones. Best astrology app for Android at your fingertips can inform the decisions and can provide much-required context to your daily reality.

Other than romance, if there is which is closer to us to create magic in our life is astrology. Whether or not, you are a true believer, a good horoscope reading can set the mood of your whole day. Different and top astrology apps are made for different purpose whereas, some mobile application services focus on horoscope based on one’s zodiac sign, while others place emphasis on one’s calculation of his or her personalized birth child. The function which is offered by the apps range from daily, weekly, monthly or annually horoscopes, computability assessments and Chinese Zodiac forecast for customizing charts and personalized readings.

Even better if you have the knowledge that your horoscope is coming from reliable sources, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed for checking your favorite horoscope app. If you are looking for daily readings, or simply need to know what your future might hold in relation to your sign, then the best help you can get from anywhere sitting idle at your home is through horoscope apps. Missing out the umpteenth Mercury or full moon can make your horoscope fan wish that they could have all that information on their fingertips. Luckily, there is the entire realm of astrology related mobile apps to explore.

7 Best Astrology Apps in 2018

Whether you are hardcore into astrology or not or you are just trying out to be perfect in it, below is the list of some of the best astrology app for Android to see what the stats have in store of you as:

Daily Horoscope


Daily horoscope is the simplest and the best astrology app for Android users which will deliver you a horoscope every day an even remind you to read it. It contains information not only for signs but also for the Chinese horoscope and also allows you to determine the compatibility of different signs.

The application’s interface is quite simple but at the same time convenient also stylish. Right on the home screen of your mobile phone, you can go to the horoscope for the desired sign that you want.

Time passages

Time passages are one of the best horoscope app which is now a free app that you can use straight on your mobile phones. Astrology charts let you discover the meaning behind your sun, moon and the rising sun.

You can also find out if someone is compatible with you with the help of compatibility meter which always shows the potential for love or even the likelihood of successful business relationships.

AstroSage Kundli

This application is the heavy artillery of an astrologer. If you are seriously engaged in astrology and predictions, maybe you will like this app for sure.

Here is everything which is too for the usual horoscope: dozens of techniques, mysterious Vedic practices, lunar cycles, planetary diagrams, and many more comprehensive diagrams. It is clear that only you can create forecast by day and even by geo preference by using this best horoscope app. 




Co-Star is the very first and best horoscope app which was powered by artificial intelligence. With the technologies from NASA, you know it is legit. The app tracks the users complete birth charts for personalizing the horoscope by using three key details i.e. birth date, birth time and birthplace.

In fact, the natal charts matter so much that if you are thinking your reading for the day is off, then Co-star will help you out and will recommend you to text your mom to confirm your birth time.

My Horoscope


There are some people who do not believe in the horoscopes, but there are some people who trust them all their lives. In any case, the app called My Horoscope will provide you the current horoscope for today, tomorrow or whole week ahead if you require that.

The main feature that this app offers is that you are provided not just a horoscope for each zodiac sign, but their separation for 3 decades which affects the predictions.

Mercury Retrograde


So what’s the scenario with Mercury Retrograde? Like a full moon, Mercury in retrograde is infamous to make everything go awry. But, there are many astrologists who attest that Mercury retrograde periods can allow you to increase your productivity and can help you to avoid your frustration levels.

Astrologer Susan Miller plays an important personal and professional event when Mercury goes direct and helps to avoid all the issues and downfalls of mercury positing.

Susan Miller

Susan Miller is the seasoned expert when it comes to the astrology, and with this good reason, she has been turning her own astrology app over 10 years, according to the reports of Cut.

Miller previously had crafted the horoscope for Astrology zones premier before creating astrology zone. This top astrology apps upfront users with the same expert either monthly or annually horoscopes as well as videos and Twitter updates. According to some of the biggest fans of this app, it boasts a personalized touch which other readings do not have, which is a plus point in it.


There are often people who are having a received astrological decision, a forecast of probable events and even recommendation. Whatever it was, if there is an indication of possibility, then you just need to go to meet and create the circumstances, otherwise, this opportunity can simply be missed out. Hope, the above listed top astrology apps can help you to take care of your horoscope and work accordingly if you are not superstitious.