DJI Spark

Nowadays the drones have opened hundreds of amazing possibilities for creating wonderful photos and videos. Everything just depends on your imagination. However, it is very crucial to choose the drone that will be able to satisfy all your requirements. Therefore, you should have to take into the account such as important feature as controllability, price, flight time and camera resolutions. All the models from the different aerial drones will help you to guarantee you high-quality pictures and videos.

There is no doubt that they will satisfy not only the beginners but also the professionals as well as the hobbyists. Flying up on the top aerial photography drones is the only way the user can capture the stunning view and landscape. The aerial photography drones featured have excellent prices and are quite easily affordable to most. Without any doubt, they are the best aerial photography drones in USA and on the market that users might come across.

Below are listed some of the major  7 best aerial photography drones that will help users to pick the one best that will suit their needs and comes within their budget as:

DJI Phantom4



This is the best aerial photography drone and is widely popular since a long time that will help users to take and create amazing moments with family or friends. This best camera drone has already gained the affection of many professional photographers and has a built-in camera that offers stunning 4K, 2.7k, and 720P videos. This drone camera has sensors that will help the drone to avoid the different obstacles during its flight. Also, this drone camera can be reached to the maximum speed of 45mph in the sport mode and can stay in the air for 28 mins.

Yuneec Mantis Q



This is the perfect choice for the people, who often travel and want to capture the most amazing moments of their adventures in the photographs. This aerial photography drone is the best one that is available in fewer prices, but at the same time, it also includes excellent features and opportunities that make it perfect for the users. This best drone camera for photography is easy to use and compact enough to be taken on the family trip and has provided with the voice control system, so now all you need to do is to just issue the command.


DJI Spark

DJI Spark


This is also an amazing top aerial photography drone camera in USA that will take off from your hand and then the gesture mode will be instantly turned on. Besides, you will be able to predefine the spark’s flight path before it begins flying. This drone camera is fitted with the camera that offers the miraculous 12MP photos and 1080p videos. Furthermore, it is a new QucikShot mode that will automatically create the short video by selecting the best shots taken during the flight. This top aerial photography drone in 2019 will be the best suitable for the users if they have a low budget.


Force1 F200 Shadow Hex


If you are looking for the aerial photography drone within your budget, then this is truly the sweet spot not only for the professionals but also for the beginners and the hobbyists. This best drone for beginners has an awesome point of interest and follows me modes that allow recording all your moves. Furthermore, you will be able to set the location where the user wants to make the video, with this drone camera. In addition to all this, this drone camera will also be possible to see the shadow HEX fly route with the help of the phone’s GPS map.




This is another best drone in 2019 that is the stellar choice for the beginners who want to learn the basics of flying. This small drone with camera will provide you the opportunity to see the world through the drone’s HD camera. Besides all this, this drone camera has the altitude hold built-in FPV screen which will help you to control the drone without any problem. This will also allow studying aerial photography techniques and training for FPV racing. This drone camera takes only 2MP photos and 720p HD videos from the high above.


DJI Inspire 2


The DJI Inspire 2 is, without doubt, the best aerial photography drone in 2019 and filming drone on the market today. No other aerial photography drone comes close to this and this is the reason why people use to buy this aerial photography drone the most. This drone camera is quite useful for people if they want to do sports action films, short films, and any other short video. This drone camera in USA has 4.3-mile FPV, supports the control over 4G network, dual battery with 27 mins max fly time, dual IMU and dual Barometer.


Yuneec Typhoon H


This is another yet popular best budget drone for photography which is fast with the top speed of 45mph and the flight time of 25 minutes. This drone camera is well equipped with 6 rotors, 360-degree gimbal camera, and retractable landing gear. It is also very easy and safe to fly with the latest collision avoidance sensing system. All the key internal system and components of this drone camera have now improved the protection against electrical influences and along with the PX4 controller and 6 rotor designs against the electrical system that ensures maximum reliability.


As you can see that there are many different aerial photography drones in 2019, but each one of them has its own strong and weak points, therefore it depends upon the user which one they should opt for.