The smart gadget industry is constantly growing, and with all the technology improvements we can now have futuristic gadgets in our homes. Most people want to create a modern type of living where everything is connected to their house in order to make life much easier. Technology will also help reduce costs and run your home operations much more efficiently.

Since the technology is available, why not use it in your home. In this article, we will go through some of the best technology gadgets for your home

Orro Intelligent Light Switch

Nowadays, with Wi-Fi technology, you can control everything in your house. This is not the first wifi-enabled lighting system, but it is one of the best gadgets that offer different lighting settings to enhance your mood.

It will also make sure there is no wasted energy, as it can senses people entering or leaving a room and learn and understand how you are using your lights throughout the day as well as the natural light entering the room. You can also connect it to smart hubs such as Amazon’s Alexa and run voice controls.

Nest Smart Thermostat

This is one of the most popular smart home gadgets available on the market. The Nest thermostat has been on the market for a while now and it proved its value in the real-life. In fact, Nest saved more than 23 billion kW energy since its first release in 2011 which is amazing.

It works in a way where it understands patterns in how your home is heated. It is capable of adjusting the temperature so it matches the owner’s lifestyle. With this learning technology, you can get huge energy savings throughout the year as Nest can detect when you arrive or leave your home by detecting signals from your phone in which way it avoids wasting energy.

Netatmo indoor security camera

As we mentioned earlier, it seems that manufacturers are creating gadgets that will maximize the use of Wi-Fi technology. This is another gadget capable of infusing some artificial intelligence in your home in a form of facial recognition abilities.

This means that it can detect people who should enter your property and those who are forbidden or unknown and alert you. It also has listening capabilities where it can recognize carbon monoxide detectors or smoke alarms and alert you wherever you are.

August Smart Lock Pro+

This is a gadget that can be attached to your front door and uses similar technology as modern cars, where it can detect your arrival and automatically unlock the door. However, this is only a fraction of its capabilities. You can also program it to recognize friends, visitors, cleaners so there is no need to go through the trouble of giving a copy of your key. You can also erase the permission over time so there is no need for returning the copy of your key from the people you gave it to which is great for security reasons. There is no need to worry about forgetting to lock your door, just because you can check the status of it anytime.

Ikea Smart Blinds

This project was in the air for quite some time and after some delays in its release, the smart blinds are finally here. These are voice-activated/smartphone connected blinds where you can open or close them any time without lifting a finger. The Swedish superstore giant is trying to make expensive home décor affordable for everyone.

These are some of the best smart gadgets for your home which will let you have a relaxed and more efficient atmosphere where you can sit down and watch horse racing live with TwinSpires. There are still a lot of projects in development and we will be very excited to hear about them. Most of these technologies are based on IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence which are the top trends for future gadgets.