5 Types of Apps for Taking Better Control of Your Life


There’s a lot going on in people’s lives — from work to our social life, all the way to our sacred me-time. It’s a lot to keep track of, and it’s easy to get lost in all the deliverables and reminders. Luckily, our smartphones hold the key to organizing this chaos. Here are five types of applications that you need to take back control of your schedule (and your life):

1. To-Do List Apps

To-do list apps are a must-have for any busybody. Writing down all your tasks for the day helps to ground you. It also ensures that you don’t forget any deliverables. And who doesn’t love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with crossing an item off the list? Most phones come with a built-in notes feature, where you can write your to-do list. But if you want a dedicated to-list app, you have a lot to choose from. Todoist is a popular choice because it allows you to group your tasks into color-coded categories. Whichever application you choose, to-do lists are a great way to set down your daily goals.

2. Habit Tracking Apps

Wish you could exercise at least four times a week or remember to read a book before bedtime? Download a habit tracker! An article on Medium talks about why it’s a good idea to track habits, citing that it helps make you more productive. It provides you with more incentive to accomplish what you set out for yourself. And when the end of the week comes around, it’s satisfying to see that you followed your exercise schedule or read every night. There are a lot of habit tracking apps to choose from, but an interesting one is Habitica. Inspired by RPG games, this application rewards you for every completed task by leveling up your customizable avatar. It also gives the option of going on missions with your friends.

3. Money Management Apps

Personal financing is tricky to manage. Luckily, there are lots of money management apps to help you keep track of your spending. Applications like Mint let you view all your bank account balances, track bill payments, and craft a monthly budget. Meanwhile, those looking to build their credit would do well with the Petal Card app, which lets you view your credit score from Experian every month for free and without impacting it. This is on top of other features like an interest payments calculator, a tracker that lists your paid subscriptions, and cashback opportunities. Apps like these are sure to give you more control of your finances.

4. Focus Apps

Your smartphone is your best friend, but also your worst distraction. If you find it difficult to focus on work, focus apps can help you build discipline. To use these apps, you simply set a timer, and the focus app blocks your access to other applications for that length of time. A great option is Forest, which prompts you to “plant a tree” for a certain amount of time. While that tree is growing, you aren’t allowed to use your phone, or it won’t grow. The goal is to build your own little forest!

5. Meditation Apps

Finally, we have meditation apps that help you wind down after long and stressful days. Many meditation apps encourage mindfulness, which is the practice of connecting with the present moment. According to an article from HelpGuide, it has plenty of benefits, such as promoting well-being and mental health. The most well-known meditation app is Headspace. It encourages the user to practice mindfulness through simple breathing activities. It also has audio files that can help you drift off to sleep. With so many categories for guided meditation, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Those are the five kinds of apps you need to take control of your life. Look through all your options to find what best suits your needs. Best of luck!