Every once in a while, we come across some websites that really mesmerize us. These digital machines are put together in such a way that push boundaries of web designing and developing. From design aesthetic to interactivity, usability, sound design, or website value, these truly are masterpieces from their respective industries. We have collected a list of 5 most inspirational and award-winning website designs that can be titled as the best websites of 2018.

  1. Crypton.trading
  2. Southwest: Heart of Travel
  3. Reductress
  4. Overflow
  5. Frans Hals Museum

5 Most Inspirational and Award-Winning Website designs


Award: Site of the Day (4/3/2018), Awwwards


Crypto.trading works as a trading hub for businesses or individuals looking to trade in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The platform uses artificial intelligence to predict buying and selling opportunities in different cryptocurrencies. However, the site was mostly highlighted for its development and design. As you scroll down the website, you get familiar with the developers idea of engaging a visitor.

The award-winning website leaves no stones unturned to impress tech-savvy visitors.

Check out the Homepage of Crypton.Trading Here

Southwest: Heart of Travel

Southwest: Heart of Travel

Award: Best Visual Design – Aesthetic, 2018 Webby Awards

Southwest Airline proved to its customers why they are special for the airline. A website designed with the customer flight-paths, they actually assembled something just for the customers. Known as Heart of Travel, this website allowed visitors to make their own artwork with the trip they might be planning to take in the near future. It’s a product for some of their most loyal passengers.

Here’s the award-winning Heart of Travel by Southwest Airlines, Featured by The Webby Awards



Award: Best Humor Website, 2018 Webby Awards

With all the memes rolling out every day on Instagram and all the videos on Youtube, making someone laugh is not hard. Of course, most of the content we read or see on the internet should be entertaining to engage people. But it gets hard to do it on a regular basis since content cannot be satirical always. Though it’s not the case with one of the best websites in 2018 Reductress. With satirical headlines and general content, this is one of the top-tier humor websites.

Homepage of Reductress, an award-winning websiteFeatured by The Webby Awards



Award: Site of the Day (3/20/2018), Best Website Gallery

Some people don’t understand the normal written content and some people don’t want to read any written content. Overflow allows individuals and businesses to create flow diagrams of their ideas to make it easily understandable. The story-like diagrams are followed by vibrant call-to-action buttons.

The best part about this one of the best websites of 2018 is that it forms a video of these flow diagrams making it more engaging for the viewers. And we know mostly embedded videos look clunky in the middle of other design elements of a website, that’s not the case with Overflow, where everything is perfectly placed.

Here You Can Check Out Overflow: Featured by Best Website Gallery

Frans Hals Museum

Frans Hals Museum

Award: Site of the Year (2018), Awwwards

First thing’s first, when you have a variety of artwork to show at one place, things can go wrong. Color combinations of different artworks can mix up badly for a museum site. But Frans Hals Museum was able to use it impressively.

Based in the Netherlands, this museum created a masterpiece blend of digital design with incredible artwork. Visitors understand what they see- ART. The museum also promotes its Instagram page directly from its homepage. There is a reason why it was awarded site of the year in 2018.

Check it out for yourself