5 Google Services You Should be Using

Well, Google does not require any kind of introduction to it to mention what it is. Google tells the saga of one super successful journey of Google in the technology industry. We all use Google services for one or the other reason but are not much aware of more services that Google offers us. Whenever we have any kind of query in our mind, the very first thing that comes in our mind to resolve is Google. Our life is on the internet and is mostly controlled by Google. Most of Google’s business products and services are related to the services. Google is one of the biggest brands in the world and most of the people are already aware of this big giant.

As one of the most innovative tech companies all over the world, Google has a very special place in each and every user’s heart. They have created a huge number of products and the best Google services to make people aware of new technologies. However, there are those which nobody really uses, whether is due to they even do not have any idea about the top Google services whether they even exist or not or they are just unwilling to use them. Google owns the dozens of products and services for the customers like Google maps, Google earth, web browser and many more that we will discuss further in this article. Still, Google is working on to bring free Google services or users to make them aware of new and latest technologies.

Let us look at some of the popular 5 Google services that you should be using in your day to day life as below:


  • Google Duo
  • Google Maps
  • Google Fit 
  • Google Images
  • Google calendar 

5 Google services that you should be using


Google duo

Google Duo: Despite Google insisting on its latest releases coming with it, who is using this feature of Google i.e. Google Duo? The minimalist video calling app is not gaining the popularity was hoping for, even though it is being rammed into new smartphones. This is one of the best Google services and products in 2019 that most of the people are actually suing. The video quality of this app is amazing and connections are quite stable and simple, plus another major factor is that it changes from mobile data to wi-fi all by itself. All you need is to create a contact and you can connect with that person anytime you want to.

Google Maps


Google Maps: Google maps are one of the most widely used top Google services in 2019 and are considered as one of the super Google’s products and services that helps to track the location histories when they are not using this application. If you do not need that to happen, then there be some steps that you may consider as. Most of the android devices cannot uninstall the Google maps without the root. For them, they can disable this application by following the simple steps as settings>apps>Google maps>disable. To turn off the location histories, open the Google maps app and tap on the menu icon in the upper left side of the interface and then select a setting. From the setting menu, choose Google location settings.

Google fit



Google Fit: Google fit is one of the classic and most lovable best Google services in 2019 that will help you to track down all your fitness details. Google also wants to know everything about your health and an as small token of gratitude, it helps you to give entire app where you can manage important information about you, your health, your weight, daily steps and even monitor exercise like walking, biking, running, weightlifting, etc. By using this service, you can create exercise or daily step goals, in addition to linking apps from other devices and organizations, so that everything will be kept at one place on your Google account.


Google images



Google Images: Google images are another one of the most popular Google services in 2019 where you search dozens of time every day. It happens many times, instead of actually thinking, we just Google it every time. Although the pictures are not always worth thousands of words, sometimes, it is exactly what we are looking for. With the help of Google images, all you need to do is to drag the picture onto the search bar and go for it. Even though Google is leaching all our information, it also needs to provide users with decent services to make our lives a bit easier.



Google calender


Google Calendar: If Google maps tracking is not creepy enough, this Google calendar knows exactly what you are doing and when? This is another one of the most fascinating top Google product which most of the users cannot uninstall without root. However, you can disable it by going to the setting>apps>Google calendar>disable. You can limit the permission requested by Google calendar as most of the persimmon deal with the core functionality. Once it has been turned off, the app won’t function as it normally behaves to be.



So, these all were the most popular and free Google services in 2019 and also the most used Google products by the users. Currently, Google is working on some more services that will be coming on the launch in the coming years.