5 Best Photo Video Maker with Music Apps for Android

Since past years, photo video editing and music video production were difficult tasks. Even on laptops or computers, it needs different space, and applications. There are only a few professionals who know how to make it work. However, the technology advances have many applications continually updating iterations that make all operations simple and most of the time; you can create amazing videos with photos and music with just a click on your smartphone. On computers, it needs decent specs, tons of RAM, tons of storage to understand how to make it.

To make it easy, there are lots of photo video maker with music apps for android devices available on Google play store for users. With the help of these apps, creating videos with photos and inserting music at their background is not a daunting task then. Whether it is editing videos or making photo videos, there are many best video maker with music app available on Android devices which let you do them like a pro on your iPad, iPhone, etc. It is great to turn your favorite pictures into small animated videos or slide shows and share them with friends and family. By using such applications, you can easily create attractive photo videos with music.

In this article, we have listed 5 best photo video maker with music apps for Android devices that will create memorable and amazing videos of your pictures as:



This is the most commonly used app and one of the best video maker with music app considered by millions of users with pictures and music. This app can be effortlessly trim and merge video files, using different types of filters, text, animates emoticons, subtitles, etc. By using this app, you can change the background and make it blurry and even can modify the speaking speed of your video.

This app also ensures users for creating the video collages and thus applies some cool templates in it. This photo video maker app support multiple capture options like Basic/selfie/funny/music video/college, etc. Using this VivaVideo app, you can turn your best picture into movie maker app which allows you to download the created video immediately.





FilmorGo is another best video maker with music app which is liked by many of the users. Al the major primary functions of this app like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, etc can be easily performed in this app. This app also helps to make square 1:1 video for Instagram, 16.9 videos for Youtube, create the reverse video, add transitions, slow motions, text, etc just to beautify your video.

This app has got some in-app purchases, but most of the amazing feature of this app is that it is available free of cost. You can either save the videos in your gallery or can directly share to your friends or any social networking site. This app also displays the wordmark at the end of the video but you can remove it with the upgrade version.


Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip


When it comes to video editing apps, Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the biggest names. This app has the laundry list of features built in it that include the ability to auto-generate videos using your images and video if you need not want it to do it yourself. If that is not your call of thing, then you can edit your video manually by using a variety of tools, effects, and music.

This app boasts that you can use your own music but some of the users have found this process to be the toughest one as it does not sync and work with Adobe Premiere Clip Pro version. Therefore, you can start a project on one and can continue it on the next one.

This app is highly available on Google play store and also free of cost. However, you will need an Adobe Creative Cloud account to make all the syncing processes work on this app.




VideoShow is again very similar to VivaVideos and comes with a bunch of editing features. To begin with this app, you get many free themes for your video which comes with epilogue and prologue. By using this app, you can add a background to your photos, in case they that does not fit in your certain size. Further, this app helps you to add subtitles, effects, stickers, transitions, sound effects and even voiceover also you can doddle on your photos.

Using this app, you can customize the duration of individual photos and you can also zoom them, rotate them and even make the duplicate copy of your video. Again, this app watermark will always be shown by your side, if you have selected the free version. But, this can also be removed if you go for the premium version. 



KineMaster is a convenient and the best video maker with music app, which is combined with a well-designed interface along with powerful features built in it. It enables the drag n drop technique for importing different media files easily. This app offers remarkable levels of control over the editing process for creating professional videos quickly.

By using this app, you can add different types of transition between video fragments or inserting blocks of text and subtitles. However, the removal of watermark full access to the premium access can only be accessed if you purchase the professional version of this app. Besides this, most of the function in this app comes with the free version, so there is not much requirement of selecting the premium version.


Whether it is photos or video, they are important data in your mobile devices. Above mentioned list has introduced the top 5 best video maker with music app in Android devices. You can select any of them which suit you best and can generate your pictures in a more interesting manner.


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