Long back ago, when there were smartphone and GPS devices, maps and even compass were used to be the prime requirement in any navigational scenario. Thinking long back ago, how long it has been since you have used a compass? The best compass apps have not changed much over the last years and so on. They are actually using your device’s accelerometer to detect the direction and sometimes need calibration and magnetic cases which can mess with them. While the simple compasses seem to become more and more outdated with the rise of GPS devices, smartwatches and the like, therefore to have the compass to rely on during your outdoor activities adventures may be the best idea.

5 Best Compasses App for Android

If you like to go outside of your home or you love to visit in the new place to refresh your mind, but you cannot do that because you have no idea about the directions. You are not visiting such places due to these issues then; you need a compass which can help you to get the exact and right direction. If you have the smartphone, then you do not need to carry an extra compass device for your route. Compasses can be particularly very helpful if you have ever lost in the outdoors and while hiking or backpacking. This can also help you to get the general sense of the direction that you should be headed and that could mean the world in some extreme life or the death situations.

Let us discuss some of the best 5 compass apps for android device that will help the users to get the right direction for anywhere as:

  1. Altimeter GPS

  2. Compass 360 pro

  3. Digital Compass

  4. Real Compass Navigation

  5. Gyro Compass

5 Best Compasses App for Android

Altimeter GPSFor sheer usefulness, this is one of the best compass apps that do just anything which you could ever need in a navigation app to do so and probably a lot more than that. One of the most prominent features of Altimeter GPS Pro is that the variety of maps is available to use in conjunction with the compass. You can choose from the standard topo maps, aerial photography or hybrid map to assist in getting where you want to be. This will show your altitude and can even show your estimated GPS accuracy so you know that you may be getting little off course.


Compass 360 pro

Compass 360 Pro is another best navigational app which features both the decimal and cardinal bearings for quick and mostly accurate direction. You can also find both magnetic north and true north with the help of this app. This app also supports multiple languages, needs no internet connection and it is fairly easy to calibrate. In order for it to work appropriately, like most, your device needs a magnetic sensor. Along with the directions, this free compass app shows the degrees in the sliding window. It is a very simple app to use, easy to use developed in professional design with the audio effects on rotating bezel.


Digital Compass

Sometimes, you need not have all of the fluff which comes with the most digital field compass apps and therefore, you need something which is ultimately very simple and but very powerful. If you have everything else that you need to the navigation on hand, then why complicate the things more? This is where this free navigational app for Android comes which gets rid of all the junk and serves as a damn good compass which is light on battery use to preserve battery power. This is about the best digital orienteering compass app on out there but it does not stop at land navigation. The major advantage of this app is that is simple and easy to use layout, accurate, nighttime mode, great for orienteering and free of cost.



Real Compass NavigationReal compass navigation is another free Compass app in 2019 that has more than anything else; it is a navigational tool for drivers that help them to get to where they want to be. This compass app for android converts your smartphones into the smart marine style compass. The major advantage of this app is that it is marine style compass, user can choose between the truth heading and magnetic heading, it shows sunrise and sunset and moonrise or moonset timing, is a free application available on Google play store. There is a number of ways that you may calibrate with the help of this app based on your unique scenario. Among which, GPS is the main and promising feature available with this app. So, for ex: if the GPS navigation is being affected by the GPS magnetic field, then you could calibrate the apps to account for that.


Gyro Compass

Likewise, this application resembles and functions identically to real-world compass therefore; you can call it the most realistic compass out there. This is undoubtedly the best compass app for android with the extensive feature and is immensely powerful as a classic compass. This simple compass app also helps to display the magnetic strength so that you can be surer of accurate reading. This has the slope indicator just like some of the best standard compasses on the market and the bezel which can be rotated and used just like the real physical compass.


With all these listed choices and difference in best compass app for 2019, we know you will pick the one that suits your needs in the best way. We suggest you pair the best free compass app for android 2019 with the traditional compass and map for better outcomes.