Golfers Apps

Anyone who golfs will know that one guy or gal who obsesses over every aspect of the game. If there is a new ball on the market, they’ll have it in their bag. If Tiger Woods adopts a new swing, they’ll be trying it out themselves.

Here are six apps which that person will love, but that you may also find useful yourself, allowing you to smash that drive a few yards further than ever before, or sink that putt that’s been holding back from you lowering your handicap.

Shot Tracer

Have you ever wished you could track your ball like television cameras do, with a digital line tracking the flight of the ball so that no PGA pro ever has to worry about losing it in the rough or behind a bush? Well, that is what is on offer with Shot Tracer, which allows you to track your shots wherever they may land.

Golfers Apps

Putt like a pro with some of these great apps

PGA Tour

The PGA Tour app won’t help you with your own game, but it is perfect for keeping up to date with all the tour’s goings-on, meaning that while you’re playing yourself you can see how McIlroy is making a charge down the back nine, as the odds of him claiming another PGA title tumble.

The app is also really useful when you’re watching an event on TV, allowing you to pull up stats or leader boards whenever you want them.

Golfers Apps

These apps will have you driving straight and true

V1 Golf

Are you hooking your drives? Are you slicing your iron shots? V1 Golf allows you to study your own swing, picking it apart in slow motion to flush out any glitches that could be holding your game back. You can even compare your swing to those of PGA pros, allowing you to learn from the best in the business.


Gone are the days of you having to mess around with a blunt miniature pencil and a scrap of paper, because scoring is now made easy with apps like GameBook, which also have the added advantage of you being able to log and store your scores as well as comparing them with those of other golfing buddies.


Want to know how fast your swing is or how many miles you’ve walked during a round, then Shotscope is the app for you, allowing you to harness the power of data to improve your game.