The best gaming laptop is fast changing in the year 2019. Now that, there are more new series that have started to filter out into our favorite gaming laptop models, the balance of which one is the best gaming laptop is difficult to find out. Because the entire landscape has changed over the past months, therefore it is little more complicated to find the best affordable gaming laptop for your needs. While the higher budget will buy you 20 series power and the pack of different processors, but the price of lower spec machines has been falling apart from that. The gaming laptops have evolved so much in the short amount of time, and we know that they are more powerful than ever before. Cutting right to chase, though we think the best budget gaming laptop on the market today is the endless list. It is amazingly thin and light, remarkably quiet and most importantly it is the lightning fast, that packages the 2080 graphics card into the sleek, premium casing.

MSI GS65 Stealth thin: A fantastic powerful best gaming laptop in 2019 which begins the assault that enables today’s most graphically demanding games like Metro Exodus to be played as they should, and with the latest graphical hotness, this top gaming laptop is the most widely used one by the users.

A rapid 8th generation Intel Core i7-8750H along with the stinking 32 GB of DDR4 RAM back the GPU up in terms of processing power, while the machine has the wider screen 17.3 FHD display that delivers the battery smooth, tear-free visuals all thanks to the high 144Hz refresh rate. Throw in the bucket to the storage, all these thanks go to the maximum of 3 M.2 SSD which is the responsive and clean SteelSeries designed keyboard.



Lenovo Legion Y740: Lenovo legion is another historic, silently advocated for subtlety when it comes to the top gaming laptop in 2019 especially for design. If you were hoping for the dazzling RGB light show from this gaming laptop, then you will be sorely disappointed. While this laptop is blessed with the graphics card or at least its download sized Max Q equivalent, flashy cosmetic trappings are also limited to the per-key backlighting of the keyboard and the few smaller lighting zones on the sides and back as well.

Otherwise, this best gaming laptop under 500 differs very little from the company’s nongaming products. It is pretty bland, sporting and plain gray finish on its aluminum chassis, but if you had rather your laptop not loudly proclaim, then this is one of the best options to opt for.




Acer Predator Helios 300: Not everyone needs the thinnest and the most powerful best gaming laptop in USA, sometimes still thin and still powerful is just fine for the users. Striking the healthy balance between portability, performance, and the price is this gaming laptop which emerged from somewhere out of the woodwork to impress our dedicated team of hardware testers at the top-secret game lab. Despite it is terrifying default boot up noise, this gaming laptop is one for the books that users usually use.

The major features of this best gaming laptop in India are the appetizing range of prices, top of the performance lackluster battery life and awful bootup sound, weight about 4.41 lbs, a battery of 84Wh, dimensions 10*14.41*0.7 inches, and many more features that make this gaming laptop the best one for the users.



Razer Blade 15 Advanced model: This is one of the most widely used top gaming laptops in the USA which offer the performance in a slim package. The system bolsters its slim design with an attractive matte black, unibody aluminum exterior and the outcome is the system which looks like the black MacBooks of yore. With its slick design and the impressive formats, this is the chroma lit keyboard and touchpad which stands out in the crowd.

Even more impressive feature of this gaming laptop in 2019 is that it has a 144hZ 1080 display that should ensure that frame rates will stay high. The latest and newest version packs an 8th generation Intel Core i7 8750H CPU in, that ranges from 2060 up to  2080 Max Q.



Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701: This is one for the most prominent gaming laptop Amazon which has been designed the thinnest gaming laptop that also showcases raw power.

At the moment, one of the major leading the charge might just be this gaming laptop. At just 0.7 inches thick, this monster of the laptop conceals an Intel coffee lake Core i7 chip with 16GB of RAM. This means that you can play any PC game under the sun on Ultra and can also take it with you wherever you go which has excellent for nomads with the penchant for gaming. In addition to it, this gaming laptop in India is packed with the RGB lightning that will dazzle anyone who looks for this gaming laptop.



Hope this entire list to buy gaming laptop will help users to get the best among all of them and will help users to play the games in a more advanced and interactive manner.