The 19-year-old boy who is arrested for allegedly murdering his whole family was addicted to the popular Battle Royale game PUBG. The accused had rented a room in another part of Delhi called as Mehrauli where he used to bunk classes with his friends.

While talking to media, police told that Suraj alias Sarnam Verma had a room in Mehrauli where most of his daily hours were full of watching TV and playing online games, including PUBG. The police have found a WhatsApp group where Suraj and his friends used to discuss bunking classes and spending time in the room. Police told that this group of boys used to get together to play PUBG, which is an online survival game that works in real-time.

After arresting Suraj here on Wednesday, police said that Suraj was not happy with the scolding he would get from his parents for a poor academic performance.

“His friends idolized him and considered him an icon. He had rented a room in Mehrauli. At the room, they had a TV set and on the day he did not want to attend classes, he would stay at the room from 7 am to 6 pm and play online game PUBG,” a police officer said while talking to PTI news agency. The officer told that police has asked all his friends to join the investigation.

Talking about the mental state of the accused, police said that there are no signs of remorse in Suraj’s eyes and he constantly keeps saying, ‘please save me from law’.

Suraj stabbed his father Mithilesh, mother Siya 26 times and sister 7 times in early morning Wednesday. He then ransacked the house in an attempt to make it look like a case of robbery and murder. But after investigation, police arrested him on Wednesday evening.

The family members were cremated here on Thursday by Mithilesh’s brother and nephew. The relatives did not request the court to allow Suraj to attend the last rites. They told police that Suraj was quite well behaving in front of them but neighbors used to complain about hearing frequent quarrels due to Suraj’s behavior.

Mithilesh was a contractor by profession and the frequent riots over Suraj’s behavior in the house were mostly related to his poor academics.

It all started when Suraj was scolded for flying kites on the Independence Day. This made him teach his family members a lesson. Since then, the 19-year-old was holding a grudge to his parents.

“He felt he failed his Boards since his father had asked him to supervise the construction of their house. He was upset about being blamed,” police told post investigation.

Police further added that Mithilesh got Suraj admitted in a private college in Gurgaon to pursue a diploma course in civil engineer so that Suraj can be in the construction business like him. Suraj was upset with this decision and thought that the family members used to prefer his sister over him. Suraj also said that his sister also used to ‘leak details about his personal life’.

On Wednesday night, the accused behaved normally and even saw photo albums till midnight with the family. He woke around 3 am to execute the killings. The boy stabbed his father 8 times and when his mother started screaming. He then stabbed his mother once and went to his sister’s room to stab her in the neck. Wounded mother came to the room in an attempt to save her daughter but Suraj went on to stab her 17 times and also stabbed the sister in the stomach multiple times after that. He tried to hide the incident but was caught in police cross-questioning where he later on admitted to the killings.

While some gaming fans might think that this does not have anything to do with PUBG, there is an ample amount of influence of everything around when incidents like these undergo. We hope and pray that the digital transformation does not lead to negative effects like these.