If you think that Google Chrome will save the passwords of your automatically as the entire system is featured with the auto password capture, but if we talk about the best password manager for Chrome, then there are lots of things to speak about. We hope you already know that Google Chrome comes with a free password manager which is straightforward, automatic as well as extremely easy to use. If you want to secure your information online, then you will need to have a unique password for each and every site you are using. If you are comparing with the other password managers on the internet, you can find various free password manager which gives the exact output that you pay for. The quality password manager for Chrome can feature a wide range of added features which you can never expect. Starting from sharing of password for team users or family to syncing of multiple devices, we have shortlisted 11 best managers for chrome.


Dashlane always ranked as the best password manager. The main reason behind this is because of its user-friendly as well as a clean interface. Along with this, it is also featured with Dark Web monitoring as well as a VPN which makes it looks more advanced. The ChromeOS plugin of Dashlane helps the users to import in just one-click. Not only this but also the memory footprint of Daslane gets smaller with every single update. It also helps the users in strong the passwords locally within the encrypted vault. The digital wallet of Dashlane helps the users to track and make it easier for them to purchase different online retailers.


If we talk about the password manager for Chrome, then how can we forget about LastPass. It is toped in the list of best password managers for Chrome. It also supports other browsers and even Internet Explorer. This password manager allows the users to intuitively and easily synchronise all across any platform or device. The chrome extension of LastPass needs just a single click to install. Not only this but it also provides access to the users to their secured password generator.


RoboForm comes with an app as well as a browser extension for its users. Among both of this, the Chrome extension has become the most popular one. The local storage options, as well as offline access of RoboForm, is a user-friendly Chrome extension which makes the most favourite password managers for the Chrome users out there. To use this extension is not much tricky. You just need to navigate the chrome extension. You can do it through Google Chrome RoboForm extension or through the web application. Secondly, you need to create your password and start importing it.


Enpass is basically the first-ever offline password manager for Chrome. By this we mean it is a fully optimized password manager for Chrome’s OS. If you are already using Chrome’s smart lock then you will feel that Enpass is quite similar to it but it is the upgraded one as it comes with a strong password generator and it is very secure and versatile as compared to the Chrome’s smart lock.


The 1Password is extremely simple and a user-friendly password manager for Google Chrome. This browser extension comes with various range of attractive options which include an easy to use search bar extension. Not only this but it also comes with a password generator. This feature automatically captures the password when you visit the websites.


Keeper is a versatile password manager and its chrome extension tops in the trend. No matter if you are an individual, an enterprise owner, a businessman, you will be getting lots of features in this chrome extension which include secure record sharing, unlimited device sync as well as access to the password generator. So this is what makes Keeper quite different from the other password manager free. However, you can use the free version for only 30 days and to avail the benefits of it for a lifetime, you have to pay for it. 


If you are someone who wants a super-secure password manger chrome extension then Blur’s chrome browser extension can be the go-to option for you. Blur is featured with a masking option for each and every type of data that you insert such as email address, credit card, etc. You will always be provided two options, you need to put your real details or you have to mask it. The masking option which we are talking about is available in the Chrome browser extension which makes the password manager best.

Sticky Password

Another name in the list of password manager best free is Sticky Password. This offers great support to the chrome browser. The Sticky Password comes with a wide range of features such as form filling, autofill, password management, support for biometrics as well as two-factor authentication. Having said that it also has a paid version which has some add on features in it such as cross-device sync, cloud backup and priority support.

Zoho Vault

We all know about Zoho Business suit software. Zoho Vault is an extension of it. Most of the business entrepreneurs use this for managing their password. All you need to do is download the browser extension from the website while installing or dashboard and start using it.


TrueKey is one of the well-known password managers for Android, Window, iOS and macOS. It also supports the Chrome web browser. The main reason behind its popularity is its various sign-in methods such as facial recognition, Window Hello, fingerprint recognition, two-factor authentication, etc as well as its simplicity.


Myki is a quite different password manager than others. It does not need any master password as you will need to create your own Myki PIN or two-step authentication. These things make easier for most of the users to use this extension as some of us have the tendency to forget things. The chrome extension is very organised and makes easier for the users to use it.

So these are the best password manager for chrome. Please let us know which password manager you are going to use for your chrome browser.