When Samsung first announced about a foldable smartphone last year, users were all excited to see it. However, now that Samsung Galaxy Fold is here, people are still not so sure about it. One of the biggest reasons- they don’t know anything about the smartphone apart from specs and its folding ability. Being first of its kind from Samsung, people have second thoughts about it in mind and rightfully so.

So we decided to get you some more information about the device so that it can be helpful for you to decide- whether to go for it or not.

First, we will start off with some common issues reported by everyone after the first impression.

  1. There are apps that follow the strict landscape-only rule such as games. In Galaxy Fold, you cannot turn around these apps due to Galaxy Fold’s specific orientation present. Though it’s a limitation, it still ensures that you won’t cover the speakers. 
  2. Galaxy Fold works on a mechanism called the Continuity feature that allows apps to smoothly transit from smaller screen to the larger one when you unfold the device. Unfortunately, most of the apps don’t support Continuity and end up displaying huge black bars on either side of the app when transferred to the larger screen when unfolded. 
  3. While the camera of Samsung Galaxy Fold is no doubt exceptional, we found that shooting videos or photos with a smaller screen is a dull experience. This happens due to the smaller size and slightly inferior screen. However, taking photos from the larger screen feels like taking snapshots from an iPad. Browsing videos and photos on the larger screen are also incredible. Plus, the image quality is the same as on the Galaxy S10+

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  4. When you unfold the device, the external screen will never work. Though it makes sense, we just think that Samsung would have used it to give users a preview of how they are looking at the time of a photo. Huawei’s Mate X has implemented it better. 
  5. You can notice a slight flex at the front and back panel at their meeting point with the hinge when the device is folded. Though it disappears as soon as you unfold the device making it no a big deal, it just looks flimsy and cheap in construction.
  6. You can notice a slight jello effect while scrolling through content lines in portrait mode on the bigger screen. The small lag makes it look like the screen content is updated from left to right. 
  7. Galaxy Fold comes with strong magnets to keep it folded. These powerful magnets are good for the device but they tend to attract all the small metal objects nearby easily. We know you will likely never keep your $2000 device with metal items in your pocket, but there’s the warning.

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Let’s get to some interesting things about Samsung Galaxy Fold proving that a lot of thought was given.

  1. If you are on a call and you decide to unfold the device, the call automatically shifts to the speaker mode. 
  2. It has a more reliable capacitive fingerprint scanner mounted at the side of the device similar to Galaxy S10e. The same fingerprint scanners work as the Bixby button and a smaller button on the top is the power button. 
  3. It comes with a protective case which is made of two different parts and is not bendable like the device. The case comes with a mild adhesive you can use multiple times. 
  4. The device comes with three keyboard mode: regular, split-screen, and floating. 
  5. Samsung Galaxy Fold also supports both reverse and regular wireless charging.