10 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers For Swimming to buy in 2019

As per the reports and experts advised, swimming is one of the best exercises that one can have to maintain their body all around. It is low impact and relaxing while still working on your aerobic fitness and counting as the form of training and pertaining to resistance. Therefore, there are many fitness trackers available in the market that users can have and enjoy their swimming at any time. The best fitness tracker for swimming in 2019 should have few things i.e. waterproof, comfortable and packed with the decent measurable which will help users to keep eye on their progress and not on their watches. Running and cycle tracker has been growing since past years and so on with the swimming watch, as well. While there are still many dedicated swim trackers and the best all-around fitness trackers will now offer the automatic stroke detection, accurate lap and distance tracking in the pool.

Let us have a look at the best 10 fitness trackers for swimming/waterproof that will help users to swim with waterproof fitness watches in their hand and no worries at all:

Garmin Swim

Garmin Swim: This is one of the coolest swimming fitness tracker gadgets that we have on this list that is really very accurate and reviews are also good for this watch. The major feature of this fitness tracker is that it is very user-friendly and before use, it does not ask much to configure out with. It has that every feature which an athlete needs to have while swimming, and is waterproof fitness tracker as well. This swimming watch also measures the heart rate, records every stroke and length to your swim.





MOOV NOW: MOOV NOW is another best waterproof fitness tracker 2019 that will need to be done inside of the companion app before you slap into your wrist and get into the pool. Once your swimming session is completed, then this fitness tracker will display all of those metrics analyzing the data and also offers the feedback through its built-in caching features. While this waterproof watch for swimming is little on the old side, but it does its job in an amazing way.

Misfit Shine 2



Misfit Shine 2: This is another swimming fitness tracker which is made for the swimmers and has the feature of the waterproof seal and will allow users to track and swim distance and leaps. It will send the alerts for the text and the calls notification that will make it easy for the users to stay connected with friends and family as well. This best fitness tracker for swimming also gives you the moment reminders and tracks the several important metrics that are required for swimming.



Runtastic Orbit

Runtastic Orbit: Here, we have another cheap swim tracker for the swimmers that can track the calories burned, active minutes and ambient lightning and goals. This fitness tracker has the feature of OLED display and the Bluetooth smart technology and since this device is waterproof up to 300 feet, so the users can dive into the deep pool and can accomplish their fitness goals. This waterproof watch for swimming is a great choice for the runner and the swimmers.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Garmin Forerunner 735XT: If you want one of the most stylish waterproof fitness trackers, then go for this watch which is on demand in the market. It has the feature of attractive style and uses the comfortable silicon bands to wrap around your wrist. It can be set for different activities like running, walking, swimming, cardio, hiking, cycling, and many more things. The new feature added to this smartwatch for swimming is the music controls, audio prompts, smart notification, etc.

Polar M400





Polar M400: This waterproof activity tracker for swimming is the prize pack for the runners and the swimmers as well who do not worry about sweat or rain and run their fitness activities on a daily basis. With the integrated GPS, heart rate monitoring and the running program, there is everything that is required by the users while they go swimming. The battery life of this smartwatch for swimming is quite impressive too and offers up to 30hrs of training time with multiple GPS integration.



Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch: This is another waterproof watches for swimmers that helps to track to the fact it is water sealed and has 5 ATM rating. By using this waterproof fitness tracker, the users can customize the information within the swim tracking screen which also include the target that user might have built, what data you want to display as you swim, pool length and the guide frequency. It disables the touch sensitivity; therefore users have to use the button while swimming.

Fitbit Flex 2



Fitbit Flex 2: This fitness tracker will help users to track their reps, laps and the activity length which include swimming, running and cardio and also help to track your sleep. There is no display with this waterproof fitness watches and just the series of the light so that users can all sync the data for their perusal on their mobile phone, tablets or the computers as well. This fitness tracker is one of the cheapest and quite easily affordable by the users.

TomTom Spark



TomTom Spark: This best fitness tracker in USA is built with GPS and heart rate monitor and plays music without your mobile phone with long battery life. This fitness tracker is quite useful for the users to track their cycling, running, swimming and even walking details. It has a large display, lightweight and waterproof with excellent battery life. The major disadvantage of this fitness tracker is that it has a chunky design, and PC is needed for music and route uploads.

Fitbit Ionic-



Fitbit Ionic: This top fitness tracker for swimming in 2019 gives you the gorgeous watch face to see how your workout like swimming will go to be. Whether it is counting strokes, how many reps you have finished, or simply how much time is elapsed since you slid into the pool, this fitness tracker will give each and every detail to check with. This best swimming watch has the status also on the higher end and when it comes to the cost. Hence users can easily buy this fitness tracker at their place.



This was the list of best swimming watch that will help the user to buy as per their needs and budget and will help them to track their swimming details as well.