You must be wondering for what reasons do we need reverse image search apps for iPhone when Google can solve this problem. The reason behind this is that Google’s Reverse Image Search tools are a perfect device when it comes to working on a computer or laptop with operating systems like Windows, Mac OS or Linux. When you’re operating on mobile’s browser, the functions of Google’s Reverse Image Search tool is not fully available. Images cannot be uploaded on mobile phones as Google does not support it, and as we know that Apple does not support reverse image search on its browser, which means Safari will be of no use. Fortunately, we have some free apps which can perform the reverse image search even in iPhones which have IOS in them.

10 Best Reverse Image Search Apps for iPhone

So, here are the names of apps which can perform the reverse image search in iPhones and these can be downloaded from the AppStore itself:

CamFind Visual Search Engine – We all have heard of CamFind, it is a basic app, but it is a very useful reverse image search tool. If you want to search for an image, all you need to do is open CamFind and click a picture, when the picture is uploaded the app will help you in finding pictures which will match the picture uploaded by you on the internet and then the identification of the object will easy. Once you are done with this, you can simply see the images which are related, buy that item, watch videos that are related to that picture, browse on your web or check out the recent searches that are made by others. The best thing you can do is share your finds with other people, and you can also set a visual reminder.

Yandex – This is a search engine which is very popular in Russia, and just like Google, it has a feature for image search. You can upload an image by simply tapping on the icon of the camera which is on the search bar, and your search can be fine-tuned just by selecting the dimensions of the image and other keywords which are related.

Baidu Image Search – We all are aware of the fact that the services of Google are not available in China. So, to cope up with this situation, the Chinese search engine named Baidu comes to the rescue. So, in China, Baidu’s image search will be the most relevant option. Just like any other reverse image search tool, it will allow you to click and upload a photo. Just before searching, you can also crop the photo.

Reverse Photos Image Search – This is another tool for reverse search image. You can upload photos from your library or camera or any of your folder. After you’re done uploading the image, this tool will send the image to Google Images and will search for a match of the image. This tool is very basic and simple.

TinEye Reverse Image Search – This is one of the tools that offer reverse image search in a format which is mobile-friendly. You can search the image by uploading or with the help of URL. After the image is uploaded, it searches the web and gives results by Best Match, Newest or Oldest, Most Changed and Biggest Image. In addition, the results can be filtered under domains and collections.

Google Lens – It was first introduced as pixel exclusive, and later this feature was united with Google Photos and with this, the users of Android and IOS could reverse search images. Within Google Photos, this tool can be used by IOS users. To use this, just open the photo that you’ve clicked and then tap the Lens icon. After analyzing the image, Google will provide links to the Google image search page as a result.

Veracity –  Veracity is another search engine app, and it allows you to select photos from Camera and Library. With the help of veracity, you can link your Dropbox account. It also provides image editor and to unlock this feature; you will need to pay. In this app, you will be not able to share your results with others.

Reverse image search – It is an app in Google’s engine that is used to choose the image from your camera, and it will show you the image search page for that same image. It has its features which makes it unique. You can run the reverse image search engine by pasting the image, and you can also brighten, crop or resize the images by using this app’s image editing tools.

Direct Image Search on Google –  Google’s direct image search can be used in Safari, but the problem is that it is complicated as you will need to request the desktop site to allow the search. The steps to use Google’s direct Image search function in the iPhone are first, open the browser and then the Google images. In IOS, there will be a share button in the toolbar. You need to tap that button and then from the menu choose the browse from desktop site. Then, select the camera icon which will appear on the page and last step will be to upload an image or URL. 

Photo Sherlock – It has a very simple interface. You can use reverse image search function just by using your camera or choose photos from your camera roll. After you have selected the image and cropped it, the app then searches the web and provides the images which are related to your image from Google.  

When you need to search something that you saw, but you have no idea about that image, then reverse image searching can come handy. This not only helps in shopping and finding new products but also helps in finding the originality of the images. It will be a great help to photographers who upload their work online and not worry about photo thieves stealing their work.