These days smartphones offer flexibility for the users. Whether you are willing to make a shopping list, take business reminders as well as minutes or make creative notes, there is a wide range of options available which make the lives of the people easier.

There is no doubt that Android is basically one of the most popular operating systems and almost all the smartphones are opting Android as its operating system. Not only this, more than 85% of the share of the market are using this tool.

If you are typing a text, scribbling with your finger, writing with the help of a stylus, there are a wide range of various note-taking Android apps out there. Some apps are focussing on writing simple notes, whereas various other apps are consist of numerous features as well as functionality. All these things transform your simple smartphone into a digital workbook or a notebook. So in this article, we will discuss the best note-taking apps for Android. They will be ranging from various features as well as usage options.


Evernote is powerful productivity as well as a well-respected app. This is known as one of the best note-taking apps for a decade. Evernote provides a plethora of features which include support for various formats of note-taking such as image, text, PDF, voice, URL, templates, scanning of documents, handwriting search, web clippers and lots more. The best feature of Evernote is the organizational structure. This feature enables the users in organizing notes by using a robust filter, folder as well as tag system. You can even share your notes with your friends and can even edit these notes.


Since a couple of years, Microsoft has topped in terms of software and it is still continuing. OneNote being a part of the Microsoft family is one of the most popular as well as efficient note-taking apps which will help to in capturing all sorts of information from your email. Not only this if a person writes notes in a laptop, but he or she can also connect this up with a smartphone. It is also the best note-taking apps for the iPad. Not only this but also this app is extremely easy to use as it lets you type, draw,  and clip the details which you can find on the internet. You can even categorize the notes as per your interests.

Material Notes

Material notes help in creating notes, making reminders and set to-do lists. All these things that we mentioned are color-coded as well as stored as per the card style designed so that everything is well organized and users can find easy to search the required information. You can also star mark out important notes and all these are saved as per the category.


This is a newly launched note-taking app and has become quite popular these days. This powerful app allows you to capture simple notes, save images and documents, create a wiki and lots more. The app is quite versatile which allows its users to enjoy numerous features as much as they want. Apart from this, this app supports note history, team collaboration, list items and lots more.


Scrittor is a simple note-taking app that helps in creating text notes. Through the help of this app, one can create folders as well as notes. The only thing which makes Scrittor different than others is all the notes that you create will be situated in the home field. Apart from the pretty basic features, Scrittor has a unique feature which has the ability to add notes into the notification bar by using a bell icon.

Google Keep

The list of Android note-taking app is incomplete without Google Keep.Google Keep has various features in it. One of the good features of Google Keep is it is a very user-friendly app which brings instinctive UI. The color codes of Google Keep is vibrant which makes the whole interface looks beautiful. As per features are concerned, it supports handwritten notes, checklists, voice notes as well as images. Not only this but also it supports place-based as well as time-based reminders.

Standard Notes

The standard note is one of the best note-taking apps on iPad, Android, etc. This app is quite similar to SimpleNote that we have mentioned above but the only difference that exists here is that the notes that you create in Standard Notes will remain private forever. Not only this but also the people who are in the standard note will not be able to read your notes. You will also be getting cross-platform availability, rich-text entries, support for markdown as well as passcode lock.


If you do not want something tricky and want to go for an extremely simple note-taking app for Android phone then Monospace can be your go-to option. This app is specifically designed for the touch which means that the touch buttons play a big role in interacting with the app. There is also a pro version of this app but you have to pay for it get to avail its features.


Notability is created by Ginger Labs which is one of the excellent note-taking apps for iPad. This app helps in allowing the users to combine various inputs which include sketching, typing, photos as well as handwriting in just one place. The app also supports annotate PDFs. All the notes that you create ca be shared through email and various cloud-based services such as Google Drive, AirDrop and Dropbox.


The people who are using iPad Pro can opt for GoodNotes which helps in taking handwritten notes. The app is specifically designed in entering chemical formulae and complex mathematics. This app also helps in converting handwriting notes into text which make it one of the best note-taking apps iPad.

So these are the best note-taking apps that you can go for. Let us know which note-taking app is your favorite.