One can never become too old for gaming that’s next to impossible. But sometimes getting older and changing priorities can hinder our gaming. But not anymore. With these exciting games machining appearances on our small mobile screens, now there’s nothing keeping us away from the one thing we love the most.

But the choice when it comes to gaming is vast. With new exciting games coming up every minute there is no clear choice. So here we get to you our choicest and most favorite games to play on our mobiles.

10 Best Gaming Apps for Smartphones in 2018


After the huge success of hunger games, somewhere everyone wanted to know how it feels in that arena, being dropped in a certain location, gathering supplies and then fighting to the death. PUBG being vaguely based on that gives us just those feels. Played in teams of 1 to 4 people this game is definitely taking everyone by surprise and becoming a great addiction for most.

Now this game was first made for the PC but somehow seems to work even better on the phones. Go ahead get shooting and surviving.

Shadowguns Legend

Many of you must’ve known and been addicted to the game Destiny. But as your time in front of your screen got lesser your dedicated time for destiny reduced too. Now you have a solution. Shadowgun Legends is basically just destiny on iOS. Its a plot as you go through multiple missions, unlock riddles, trample the enemy find and buy new weapons all reminding you of your favorite PC game Destiny.

Riptide GP: Renegade

This game comes with a beautiful storyline and a twist. The story goes on about a disgraced racing champion who is making a courageous comeback with stunts, competing against others and going against bosses to reclaim former glory.

Riptide GP: Renegade

Now the twist is this is a jet ski race. A game that seems impossible to be played on mobile phones comes forth with jaw-dropping interface and graphics. It’s a whole mix pot for you to get addicted to this wonderful mobile game.  


Wasnt it very long ago when action cards were the It thing to own and collect? Competing against your friends with it and gaining more and more cards was just unexplainable fun.

Hearthstone gets you all this back. It is known to be the best collectible card game experience.

Based on World of Warcraft this game has nine classes based on its WoW equivalent allowing the player multiple play styles. This has another advantage of being extremely versatile. You can play single player as well as multiplayer, quick game or in depth. So you basically have everything you want in this game along with a small touch of childhood  

Sword &Sworcery

This game is a must play for those who need much more than fun and adrenaline in a game. This game depicts a beautiful storyline of the Scythian warrior who travels far and wide and meets different people on her quest with small milestones.

Sword &Sworcery

As you go further the story of this game builds it has the perfect blend of fights and friendships for the best experience. Such games have been less in number for mobile phones with its scintillating experience of beautiful music different art style and unique gaming, many tried imitating it but nothing came close to it.

Our first reaction to this game along with many others was so sadistic. But it did grow on us. This game with its unique idea, wacky interface and unbelievable graphics has definitely spread around like the virus it itself tries to spread.

If you are wondering what it’s about, let us fill you in. This game is about spreading a virus that will kill the human race before a cure for it is found. You can make multiple variations to it such as commutability, strength, its fatality etc. Let the sadist in you come out and be the destroyer of the human race.  

Pumped BMX Series

A shout out to all those RoadRash lovers out there pumped BMX is another bike racing game with much more than road rash.

Pumped BMX Series

You can use the speed button to pump up your speed do crazy tricks with your bikes like the spin or tilt and the iPhone movement can also affect it immensely. Well don’t take it for granted the controls will take getting used to but once that happens you will undoubtedly have the most amazing time of your life with this Adrenaline filled the game.

Finger Driver

Games are sometimes made so complex that instead of relaxing in them you just end up getting more riled up and tensed. Finger driver actually gives you a break and is a very soft relaxing game with easy motives. It has a steering wheel at the end of the screen and all you have to do is use it to drive through the path.

Finger Driver

The mission of this game is simple, gather four coins three times in a row or drive 400 meters three times. These coins make other cars available for you in the game. And that’s just it. This is the type of game that you will keep coming back to for more relaxation.

The Room Series

Not the adrenaline junkie? Don’t like fighting or racing? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered this game is for the ones with the brain power. One of the most widely liked game, this one has definitely been growing throughout its 3 versions to a more and more interesting platform. What you have to do in this game is to solve puzzles to progress to the next level thus slowly progressing the story.

All three games in the series hit that brilliant, elusive spot between mentally challenging and satisfying. And they’re gorgeously tactile, beautifully designed down to the finest detail. We recommend full immersion: a dark room, a pair of headphones and no other distractions.


Another one of the storyline games this one leaves you with an eerie effect. It is a story about a boy looking for his sister.


The story progresses through a series of side-scrolling puzzle adventures and leaves you enraptured in its monochromatic world. It is one of those games that sparked the imagination so much that imitators proliferated like baby rabbits. For all those stories loving people out there, who love to use their grey cells this is handmade only for you.

There you have it, a wide variety of different genres of game and few of the best ones at it. Stay in touch with the child in you on the go. Let the corporate world not take this away.