Nowadays, usernames are not sufficient, and this is the reason why we need an avatar to represent ourselves in the virtual world. No matter how you look in real life, you can always spice up your avatar. Creating an avatar for ourselves is really interesting, but this is not the only reason why we like to prefer avatar than our original photo. 

The other reason is privacy. When we create our profile on any site, we are requested to upload a photo of ours. Many of us don’t want to upload an original photo because of cyberbullying or body image issues, and this is the situation in which an avatar created by you will keep you safe and happy in the wild digital world

In order to create an avatar, we will require some of the best apps which could help us in this matter. So, here is the index of 10 avatar maker apps for Android:

10 Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

FaceQ – If you are someone who knows how to draw then FaceQ is perfect for you and if you are someone like me who doesn’t know how to draw then don’t worry, you can still create your avatar by going through their library and choosing your avatar. You need to select your gender, hair, eyebrows, other facial features, clothes, background, text and more. You can keep choosing these features until you are satisfied with your avatar and when you’re ready, you can show your avatar to the world.

Bitmoji – Bitmoji is a popular app and is used by many people. It has ties with Snapchat and Gboard, which is a renowned keyboard. The reason for being an ideal app is that from your keyboard, you can select your avatar and upload anywhere you want. It creates an avatar by taking a selfie of you in this way; it reads your facial features and gives people a hint of what you look in real life. When your avatar is ready, there will be a library in which your avatar will pose and do various things.

Supermoji – If you’re fascinated by Animoji which is available only in iPhone X, then Supermoji is the app for you. To use this app all you need to do is download it from google play store and then you can use popular animojis like the alien, panda, and if you’re into vomiting rainbow, you can use that as well.

BuddyPoke – With the help of BuddyPoke, you can create an avatar which is 3D in nature, and it will walk and dance to your music. You can create superheroes avatar as well, and once your avatar is completed, you can share your avatar, which will do things with your friends’ and families’ avatars. It is a fun app to use. 

SuperMii – If you are a big fan of manga comics here is your app for manga-style avatars. SuperMii will create your avatar in cartoon style. There are a bunch of features from which you can create your avatar. In addition to different features, there are varieties of facial expressions and more. We all know that manga comics have all sorts of expressions, and this is the reason you will find different expressions like monstrous, happy, evil and more. It will motivate you to create your own avatar and do all sorts of wild stuff.

Androidify – We all are familiar with the default Android logo, and this got even more interesting when Google introduced Androidify, which will create the famous Android logo avatars. It is unique and will make your avatar stand out in the ocean of other avatars on any kind of social site. There are a number of accessories from which you can choose. It will hardly take a minute to create your avatar, and just like all the Google Apps, it is free to use and is void of any ads.

Avatar Maker Dogs – Who doesn’t love dogs? Everyone does and why should anyone dislike dogs; they are man’s best friend. So, this app will help you to built dog avatars. It is perfect for those people who wanted a dog as their pet but never got the chance. There are various species and character to choose from. If you are interested in wolves, then you can create them as well and change the default color of objects. This app is fun to use and is free to use.

Avatar Maker Cats – You must be wondering when there is an app for dog avatars, there must be an app for cat avatars too. Well, you are correct there is an app for cat avatars as well. The developers from Avatar Maker Dogs are the developers for this app too. For cat lovers, this app is the area of their interest. The features of this app are the same as the features of the above app. You can customize your cat avatar as per wish, and this app is also free. 

Xpresso – This app takes the creation of avatars to a whole new level. In this app, you can create 3D avatars which will laugh, talk, smile and other interactions which will give you the opportunity to see them in other dimensions. You can choose the avatars which already made or you can build your avatar from the starting meaning the face cut, facial features, expressions, and other things. When you are satisfied with your look, you can make GIFs. This app is free to use. 

MSQRD – MSQRD is the acronym for Masquerade. It uses AI so that it can impose filters on your face and make a live avatar. In this app, you can avail fave swaps and live filters which will go on top of your face, and in this way, your face will be hidden behind amazing filters with which you can record videos and create images. This app is free to use.

These are the best apps for making an avatar of your choice. You can use the app depending on your requirements, and each app has its own unique features which are pretty interesting to use. There you have it, an avatar to represent you in the virtual world.