PUBG Mobile has officially announced that the 0.16.5 update is arriving along with some new features. Over the previous couple of months, Tencent Games has added various new maps within the Evoground mode, and it continues with the upcoming update also. The highlight of the 0.16.5 update is ‘Domination Mode.’ Besides the new method, the update also will bring the fresh Royale Pass Season 11 themed with ‘Operation Tomorrow’ alongside some fixes to the overall game. PUBG Mobile is additionally bringing back the old weapon picking system by removing the newly introduced loadout mechanism which many players didn’t like. Vikendi map is additionally getting a replacement Light Snowmobile vehicle, which offers a ride for a maximum of two.

Domination Mode 

There were rumors until now that the Tencent Games would rollout Domination Mode with the 0.16.5 update. But soon, the company has sent out an official press release confirming the rumors. The 0.16.5 update will start rolling out from tomorrow, and it weighs 0.14 GB of space for storing on Android and 0.17 GB on iOS. It’s a minor update with just the dominant feature being Domination mode.

So what exactly is Domination Mode? Well, the players can attain in the new Arena map called Town inside the Domination mode. After entering the pattern, two teams are allotted either the blue or red team to the player for an intense four vs. four battle. In this mode, players will have to capture the bases one by one to win; Right after the match begins, one random support will activate, and the next station will enable after either of the team capturing the first base as for the match-winner, the group which captures two plates first from the entire three bases wins. The Domination mode also has the Super Weapon Crates for players to hit enemies off with superweapons.

Other Features Of The Update

Apart from the Domination Mode, the 0.16.5 update also will bring some new features and overall improvements to the sport. Firstly, Tencent Games is fixing the significant change it made to Team Deathmatch mode with the previous model.

In reaction to player’s suggestions for firearm training, the initial version of the Warehouse map has restored and transformed it into a stage Training map, where players can pick up and practice any weapons from the bottom anytime rather than using the loadout. Also, the only bullet damage of Groza has been lowered from 48 to 45 in Team Arena.

Lastly, the update will add a replacement Light Snowmobile vehicle in Classic Mode. This vehicle is perfect for two, and it moves faster, more efficiently than the Snowmobile, but at the cost of natural wreckage. The update also will add new multi-option missions in Team Arena, Payload Mode, and more.

In addition to the new gameplay mode and new maps, players also can unlock the upcoming “Operation Tomorrow” themed update with more new missions and rewards. The Royale Pass Season 11 will begin on January 10, each day after the 0.16.5 rolls out. We can download the PUBG Mobile app for free via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Also, the Royale Pass Season 10 is ending later today, so if you’re yet to finish the missions, you’ve got little or no time to rank up to RP100.